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Joyous Therapies

Address: 8 Aghermore Court

Town: Portstewart

Area: Londonderry

Postcode: BT557QN

Telephone: 07973747978


Web Address:

Start Date: Saturday 9th July 2016 10:00

End Date: Saturday 1st July 2017 13:00

Duration: 1 Hour Private Reading

Days: Every Saturday until end date

Entrance Fee: 40

Disabled Access: Yes

An Angel Card Reading is a nurturing and encouraging session to lift your spirits and get you on track with your life purpose, career, relationships or journey of health! An Angel Card session will gently yet effectively provide clarity, guidance & support so that you can go within and become self-empowered in your life. When you decide to have a session you are asking for the guidance of the Angels.  This allows them to send you an energy boost to help you with any question or condition you may have. They give you a sense of inner peace, stress-relief, self-healing, self-understanding and guidance for your next step.  You will receive three detailed card spreads:

  • Mind, Body & Spirit Spread - This is an overall wellbeing, health and healing card spread which explores what is going on mentally, physically and spiritually with you right now.  You will receive divine guidance about what you can do to help restore equilibrium, wellness & health.

  • Past, Present, Future Spread - This focuses on what the angels feel is important for you to know right now regarding where you are on your life's journey  or a current situation of concern. Provides gentle guidance on the best way for you to move forward.

  • Life Area or Specific Issue Spread - We can explore a general Life Area you would like to understand more clearly and receive guidance about, such as Finances, Business or Career, Romance, Family,  Life Purpose and Personal Development. Alternatively, we could focus on a specific issue or situation you need more clarity on. 

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