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Joyous Therapies

Address: 8 Aghermore Court

Town: Portstewart

Area: Londonderry

Postcode: BT55 7QN

Telephone: 07973747978

Email: joyoustherapies@yahoo.com

Web Address: www.joyoustherapies.co.uk

Start Date: Friday 8th July 2016 10:00

End Date: Friday 30th June 2017 18:00

Duration: 2 Hours

Days: Every Friday until end date

Entrance Fee: 120

Disabled Access: Yes

Ever wished for a magical tool to glimpse into your future? Do you want a clue on the best direction you should take?

Just imagine how looking 5, 10 or more years into the future could benefit you... What would you change with the wisdom gained from peeking ahead?Imagine being able to peep into the future and know whom you are married to, where you would live and also the best career or job for you.

Along with gaining this kind of knowledge, it is also possible to bring into the present, the skills and the wisdom that you would acquire in the future.Many times in our lives we find ourselves at crossroads, and the choices we make at this juncture determine the outcome of our future. 

As a Therapist, I can assist you to see various possible futures, enabling you to make the best decisions for your health, lifestyle, relationships and prosperity.

What would it be like to learn how to overcome the challenges you have right now? What if you knew that making a certain choice was the right choice? Is a certain job or relationship right for you? A certain house move? Is it the right time to make an investment?  So many questions can be answered this way. Future life progression will give you all of these answers and more. 

The future is yours to create for yourself and Future Life Progression will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom your future self gives you!   

If you could give yourself advise 10 years ago after all the challenges you have overcome in the past 5-10 years what would you say? FLP is no different to that.

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