"The Preacher" Live Horror Puzzle Game

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Escape Belfast

Address: 23 Donegall Road

Town: Belfast

Area: Belfast

Postcode: BT12 5JJ

Telephone: 07761935148

Email: info@escapebelfast.com

Web Address: www.escapebelfast.com

Start Date: Thursday 13th October 2016 17:00

End Date: Thursday 20th April 2017 17:00

Duration: 1hr

Entrance Fee:

Disabled Access: No

Is this Belfast’s Scariest Attraction?

Hooded, handcuffed and locked in a pitch black cell.


Not everyone’s ideal night out, yet this Halloween, hundreds are jumping at the chance to challenge “The Preacher” at newly launched live exit game Escape Belfast.


The premise is simple – you and your friends have been kidnapped by notorious Belfast serial killer “The Preacher”. There’s nothing godly about this monster and escape will prove a challenge of Biblical proportions, combining puzzle solving, physical tests and some good old fashioned scavenging.

Hailed as a “cross between the movie Saw and TV series Crystal Maze”, The Preacher sees players in a battle of wills against their captor with only one hour to solve the clues and determine a means of escape.  

The Escape Belfast Team are keen to stress that they want the entire experience to feel as realistic as possible, so “expect blood and body parts in good measure”.

Simply put this is a horror movie – but rather than passively watching, you and your friends are the main characters. Surrounded by a gruesome set and immersive story line, players must determine their fates by solving cryptic clues hidden throughout the rooms.

The escape game is proving a big draw with both members of the public and corporate groups seeking something a little different for team bonding.

"In a dark, tense environment you may see a different side to “Trevor” from Accounts than if you had simply gone bowling," we’re told mischievously.

With 100 per cent five-star reviews online, the Escape Belfast Team are confident that this 15+ escape room, balances scares and puzzles with thrilling interactive gameplay to provide an awesome player experience.

Prices start at £14 per person with group discounts available.

“The Preacher” is waiting at Escape Belfast, 23 Donegal Rd, BT12 5JJ. For more information and to book tickets, visit www.escapebelfast.com


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