Neil Simon's London Suite

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Canon Lindsay Hall

Address: 183 Stranmillis Road

Town: Belfast

Area: Belfast

Postcode: BT9 5DT

Telephone: 028 9020 2280


Web Address:

Start Date: Friday 5th May 2017 20:00

End Date: Friday 5th May 2017 22:00

Duration: 2 hrs approx

Entrance Fee: 8.00

Disabled Access: Yes

Following a tremendous audience response to their 2016 production of Neil Simon's Rumours, Bart Players return to the work of America's premier comic playwright with London Suite.


London Suite is a set of four hilarious one act comedies set in the same deluxe London hotel. A sedate place to vacation, until our characters check in.


In Settling Accounts, an outraged author, Brian, holds business manager, Billy, at gun point, having caught him absconding to Argentina with Brian's life savings. Brian becomes more and more unhinged as Billy concocts increasingly farfetched explanations of what he is doing with the money.


Diana & Sidney is the most bittersweet funny of the four plays. Diana, an Oscar-winning actress, and Sidney, her bisexual ex-husband are seeing each other for the first time in years. He needs money for his partner who is dying of cancer. The money isn't the problem for Diana, more the realisation that she is still in love with Sidney. 


An American widow and her daughter take over the suite in Going Home. At the daughter's insistence, mother spends her last evening on a date with a rich Scotsman, leading to comic misunderstandings of epic proportions. 


The evening ends with The Man on the Floor, a fast-paced farce with increasingly ridiculous situations. A couple from New York have lost their tickets to Wimbledon, causing a fit of paralysing back pain for the husband who can't get off the floor, they are about to lose their suite to Kevin Costner who absolutely must have it now and are "assisted" by the Scottish manageress, a bellman with an uncanny ability to find contact lenses and an Irish doctor who is none too steady on his feet himself.

Tickets: £8.00.

Group rates available for parties of 10+

Performance Starts at 8.00PM


Book Online:




Tel: 028 9020 2280


Also available from Gotto Sports OR PAY AT THE DOOR

This amateur production of “London Suite” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

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