Writing Fiction: Editing And Everything After

Writing Fiction: Editing And Everything After Bookmark and Share

Crescent Arts Centre

Address: 2-4 University Road

Town: Belfast

Area: Belfast

Postcode: BT7 1NH

Telephone: 028 9024 2338

Email: info@crescentarts.org

Web Address: bit.ly/CACwFicEdit

Start Date: Saturday 6th May 2017 14:00

End Date: Saturday 6th May 2017 17:00


Entrance Fee: 21 | 18

Disabled Access: Yes

So, you’ve finished writing your masterpiece. What happens now?

Take the pain out of editing and the mystery out of query letters as we explore how to get work ready to send out and what to do when it’s ready to go. Suitable for beginners and more experienced writers wanting to focus on a specific aspect of their practice. Participants should have completed at least one piece of creative writing (short story or longer).

Please bring an excerpt of around 1500 words.

10% discount when you book any 3 of Rachael's 'Writing Fiction' workshops

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