Coleraine Woods

Just under 2kms from Coleraine town centre lie three areas of woodland; Mountsandel, Somerset and Castleroe which are situated on either side of the River Bann. Mixed woodland planted 19th Century and the 1930's - 40's. Mountsandel is the earliest known site of human habitation in Ireland and visitors can also explore Mountsandel Fort.

Walks open all year, dawn-dusk. Car parks and directed walks at all 3 sites; picnic tables at Somerset and Castleroe. Exercise cluster at Somerset, and its "white" path is purposed-designed for wheelchair users.

Image - Stephen McCartney (FS)

Location Description

Somerset Forest 1mile south of Coleraine on A54
Mountsandel Wood off the Mountsandel Road in Coleraine
Castleroe Wood access from the A54 near Castleroe village

Price from £

No Admission



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