Larne Naval Base and the U-boat war 1914-1918 - Heritage Exhibition


Larne Museum & Arts Centre

2 Victoria Road
Co. Antrim
BT40 1RN

This exhibition, in association with local historian and author Guy Warner, will explore the role of Larne Naval Base and the part it played in the fight against the U-boat threat during World War 1. The exhibition will be on display from Monday 15th October until Friday 30th November and includes Saturday opening on 20th October and 17th November. This is one of three complimentary exhibitions produced by the Mid and East Antrim Heritage Service to mark the end of the First World War. Carrickfergus Museum will be presenting 'Ships & Airships: Coastal Defence during the First World War' from Saturday 20th October 2018 until Saturday 5th January 2019. This exhibition will focus on the Bentra Airship Station and set it in context with other aspects of coastal defence during World War 1. Mid-Antrim Museum's exhibition, 'The Great War 1918: Death, Disease and Decisions', will chronicle the final battles of the Great War and reflect on its legacy. The exhibition will be on display from Saturday 29th September 2018 until Saturday 12th January 2019.

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