Festive Season Chant

Inish Rath Island

Inish Rath Island
Co. Fermanagh
BT92 9GN

We extend a warm welcome to all locals and visitors to attend the Festive Season Chant with Krishna devotees and monks on the beautiful Inish Rath Island. This is an afternoon concert with a first ferry crossing to the island at 1.45pm, and the next crossing is at 2.00pm. The concert lasts for two hours, with a short interval midway.

We would love that you enjoy the Festive Season with us that afternoon. If you go for the earlier boat crossing, you'll have more time for a stroll around the forested island, with peacock and deer living wild in the woodlands.The music is a mix of meditative ancient mantras and exciting rhythmic beats. Krishna Devotees have been living on the island since 1985, and there has been a regular morning chant from 4.30am taking place every day since that time. All income from the event is for the upkeep of the temple building, which is 170 years old. The island is owned by ISKCON, a registered charity. You are also welcome to visit any Sunday (no charge) for music, lecture and lunch.


2 hours

Entrance Fee