Gangs of New York - film screening

Marketplace Theatre & Arts Centre

Market Street
Co. Armagh
BT61 7BW

Martin Scorsese's Academy Award-winning film took nearly thirty years to plan and brought two major actors back onto the big screen after several years absence [Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis].

1846 New York and tensions have reached climactic and fatal proportions between the Irish immigrants and the British and Dutch inhabitants of the Five Points neighbourhood. William Cutting [Day-Lewis], aka Bill the Butcher, leads the inhabitants of Five Points and creates the 'Native Americans' gang, whilst the immigrants are led by Priest Vallon [Liam Neeson] and form 'The Dead Rabbits'. After a violent clash between the two gangs which leaves Vallon dead, his son Amsterdam goes missing only to turn up in 1862 under a new name and seeking vengeance for the death of his father. Amsterdam [DiCaprio] manages to integrate himself into Bill the Butcher's corrupt inner circle, which is now running the entire underworld around Five Points, and even becomes his right-hand man. However, his identity is soon revealed and a bloody showdown ensues.

‘Magnificent’ The Daily Mail

‘Better than perfect’ Rolling Stone

Warning: Contains strong, bloody violence


160 mins

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