Game Of Thrones Style Escape Game - "Game of Kings"


Forbidden Quest - Escape Games Belfast

1 Bradbury Place
Co. Belfast

Experience thrills and excitement at Forbidden Quest - Escape Games Belfast.

Choose from 5 immersive adventures.

Our medieval adventure Game of Kings tasks players with infiltrating an evil King's Castle to locate and free an Ancient Dragon within 60 minutes before the armies of the dead appear. 

Zombie Outbreak will see your team inside a zombie infested research facility in order to retrieve an anti-virus in this action packed experience. 

Or take on the Dream House - enter Jessica's dream and try to wake her up from a dark force holding her there. Be careful - you'll only have 60 minutes to wake her up or you and your team will become trapped in her dream forever!

To start your adventure simply visit our website and Click The Book Now Page. 

Please Note there is a 14+ age limit on all our adventures. 


75 Minutes

Entrance Fee

Depends on size of group