Adult Dance Classes ~ 2 levels ~ Irish Step Dance


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The Town Hall, Union Street, BT66 8DY

Union Street
Co. Armagh
BT66 8DY

Are you curious about step dancing ...

Would you like to revisit some leftover steps from your childhood ...

Feeling motivated to lose a few extra kilos in a fun environment ...

Great way to make new friends through music and dance.

All welcome - no experience necessary at beginner level.

Warning! - step dancing can become addictive!

What is Step Dancing?

Step dancing is a percussive form of dance, danced alone, with footwork close to the floor. It is danced by people of all ages - I know step dancers who are over 80. Old Style Step dancing is the precursor to competitive Irish dancing and Riverdance.

What to wear / bring?

Dancers are asked to wear some hard soled shoes, bring a bottle of water and a sense of fun!

Research ....

Research has proven that dancing is one of the best forms of activity for keeping the body active and the mind alert.

What we do ...

We dance along to jigs, slip jigs, mazurkas, reels and hornpipes - no experience required at beginner level and learn a new routine each term, with a little revision of material from previous terms to build upon repertoire. Dancers are encouraged to take a video (by camera or phone) of the steps so they can practise at home, advice is given on appropriate music, and hand outs on the steps are given out during class.

What else do we do ...

As well as weekly classes, I run occasional stand-alone weekend workshops, open-floor events and weekends away. The steps and dances I offer have been passed down an unbroken line from the Dancing Masters of old.


7pm Beginner level - no experience necessary

8pm Intermediate level

Get in touch if you would like further information:

Tel: 07788 730 429



Warning: Step dancing can become addictive!


Each class is 1 hour long, classes run term-time only

Entrance Fee

£5 per class (1 hour)