BEGIN AGAIN: Reclaim Your Learning Instinct for a Vital 2019


Next date:

Black Box

18-22 Hill Street
Co. Belfast

Will 2019 be the year you finally stop conforming to 'how things have always been' and begin again – living, moment to moment, from your heart and truest instincts?

Are you interested in getting to know yourself better so that you are able to live this, your one true and vital life? 

Are you open to exploring possibilities of what life may be like, beyond that strangulating, fear-based group-think that most of us were so conditioned by?

Would you like to have opportunity along with like-minded others, to ask questions, discuss real challenges, receive impromptu coaching, and leave empowered to make 2019 the year you truly 'begin again'?

Then you are most welcome along to our NEW YEAR WORKSHOP in the Black Box (Green Room) this January 21st with Holistic Learning Coach and Facilitator Andrew Brown to explore living an empowered, authentic and vital 2019...

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2 hours

Entrance Fee