Managing Sensitive Issues in the Workplace

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Discreetly manage your employee’s sensitive issues, mitigate the risk of offensive comments or behaviour and educate your workforce on a number of common sensitive issues.

In any given workplace there will be employees facing an array of sensitive issues and these issues need to be dealt with in a competent, confident and discreet manner. This seminar will deal with three sensitive issues commonly facing employers and how these issues can be best managed and prepared for:

  • LGBT employees - employers should build a supportive workplace environment, run initiatives that aspire attitudinal change and not simply rely on formal policies and practice in their quest to be fully supportive of LGBT employees.
  • Mental health in the workplace – as well as establishing a supportive framework to respond to employees with mental ill-health when it emerges, it’s also essential to promote good mental health throughout the workplace.
  • The menopause - the menopause can have an impact on an employee’s ability to work and their productivity. The taboo surrounding the menopause is beginning to crumble and employers must encourage an environment of openness and support in the workplace for women going through the menopause.
  • Do you have a specific LGBT discrimination section in your policies and procedures should discrimination on these grounds occur?
  • Have you developed procedures to deal with a situation whereby an employee comes out as trans-gender? Have you thought about gender neutral bathrooms or unisex uniforms?
  • What signs in an employee’s behaviour might indicate that he/she is experiencing anxiety or extreme stress?
  • Do you have procedures in place on how to approach these employees and support them?
  • Do you provide your line managers with mental health awareness training?
  • Are you aware of the recent employment tribunals which have been won by employees whereby their employer hasn’t sufficiently taken menopausal symptoms into account?

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Lisa Bryson from Eversheds Sutherland Solicitors.


1.5 Hours

Entrance Fee

£84 + VAT