The Paradise Seller and other Tales

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The Paradise Seller and Other Tales from Lower Brittany    Picture the scene:  “It is a dark winter’s night in the village of Plouaret in Lower Brittany some time towards the end of the nineteenth century. A group of villagers gather by the fireside in one of the farmhouses for an evening of storytelling, song and music to pass the long winter evenings.” François-Marie Luzel spent much of his adult life attending and hosting gatherings of this sort, where he collected hundreds of stories – folktales, ghost stories and local legends – from his native Lower Brittany.   He published these in numerous collections during his lifetime and became one of the most prolific and highly respected folktale collectors of his time. However, these stories – originally told in Breton and translated into French by Luzel himself – have rarely, if ever, been translated into English.   Final Year Drama students from Loughborough University in the East Midlands of England have created a performance based these stories, translated for the first time by Professor Mike Wilson. The show captures the inventiveness and humour of these stories, and the lives of the people who told them.   The stories that comprise the show are: The Paradise Seller The Three Promises The Night Dancers The Three Hairs from the Devil’s Golden Beard The Just Man The White Lady   There will be two free performances of the show in The Helicon Theatre at Seamus Heaney HomePlace on Wednesday 23rd January 2019.   Each performance will comprise of three of these stories and will preceded by a short talk by Professor Wilson on Luzel and his folktales.   For more information and booking, please contact Róisín Convery at the Seamus Heaney HomePlace:  Tel: 028 79387444

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