Summer of Sport



20 Springhill Road
Co. Londonderry
BT45 7NQ

Challenge friends and family to a game of football, tennis, or table tennis. Little ones have their own tailor-made mini challenges involving washing line and pegs and hobby horses. Take your four-legged friends for a lap around our horse-less show-jumping course – see if four legs are faster than two!  Pick up the summer of sport Achievement Card and record your successes throughout the summer. You’ll have chance to earn yourself a summer of sport sticker or treat yourselves to a medal and get some great photos on our trunk podium!

Programme of activities:

There are activities every single day throughout summer, with our special events taking place every Tuesday and Thursday. Here's an overview of what's on offer:

7 days a week - free play games:

•Natural trail obstacle course

•Football and Table tennis in the 'Dovecote Arena'

•Jurassic jungle gym


•Horse-less show jumping (for our 2-legged and 4-legged visitors)

•Schoolyard skipping

•Toddler-friendly ‘mini’ challenges in the Laundry Yard

•Fully-accessible course for all ages and abilities

Weekly events:

•Tuesdays at 11am – Beginners Estate Power Walk

•Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am – Victorian Drills on the front lawn

•More to be this space!


Every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August

Entrance Fee

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