Daily treasure hunts @ Learning SPACE


Learning SPACE

11A Fountain Centre
Co. Belfast

Join us here at Learning SPACE and take part in our daily treasure hunts, where you can help your little ones collect all of the tokens.Each month there is a different theme, whether it's finding lost presents for santa's elves or ingredients for the witches' cauldron.If your child is able to collect all of the tokens, you will win a special prize.Pop in to our shop, right in the heart of Belfast City Centre (only 2 minutes from City Hall) in Fountain Place and ask our team about this month's treasure hunt. Be sure to share a photo of your winning prize with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@learningspace)Watch one of our latest treasure hunts here https://youtu.be/_CXCSpMM3Zs

Completely free to take part. Fun for all the family.After the treasure hunt, you can check out our fab sensory room at the back of the store, full of bubble tubes lights and other sensory equipment for your children to enjoy and relax in.



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