Set Dancing Class for Adults, beginners welcome


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Dance Studio, Skainos Centre

239 Newtownards Road
Co. Belfast

East Belfast's Cross Community Set Dancing Class
Dance: "a great way to get fit in a fun environment"
Beginners welcome - no need to bring a partner

Here is a little insight to introduce people to set dancing, filmed as part of the Belfast Festival of Learning:

Step with Annette - Introduction to Set Dancing:

Further info:
What is Set Dancing?
Set dancing is a form of social dancing which has been popular in Ireland for over 150 years, danced by people of all ages - I know step dancers who are over 80. Sets are danced by four couples in a square, and usually consist of three to six figures with a short pause between each. They descended from the French quadrilles, which were brought to Ireland by the British army in the nineteenth century. Irish dancers adapted the French quadrille figures to their own music and steps to form dances with great drive and enjoyment. Sets are very popular all around the world.
What do we do in class?
The class will take the established format of using exercises to encourage "good form", while learning to "dance at home", "house around", "swing", "body", basic footwork etc. Lots to do and lots of craic to be had, remember there is a great social side to dance too.
After initial exercises we will work on a chosen set for the rest of class, with a break in the middle for an optional extra - to work on some of the more difficult steps, or perhaps a two-hand dance.
For the beginners out there, please remember that there is a lot to take in at the start, not just the steps but the terminology too, it all soon falls into place.
What to wear / bring?
Please note that we are fortunate to have air conditioning in the dance studio and I advise you to both layer up and wear breathable fabrics. It gets hot dancing but you can cool quickly during the break too. Other than that don’t forget to wear hard soled shoes and bring some water and a sense of fun!
Class detail:
Time: 7-830pm, each Tuesday (term-time)
Venue: Dance Studio, Skainos Centre, 241 Newtownards Rd, Belfast, BT4 1AF (lots of parking on the Street and in the carpark behind – and opposite the famous Bethany Chippie if you are hungry after dancing!)
£5 per class


Each class is 1 hour long, classes run term-time only

Entrance Fee

£5 per class (1-1/2 hour)