Hovercraft Flying


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Foylehov Activity Centre

71 Carrowclare Road
Co. Londonderry
BT49 9EB

Hovercraft Flying is a thrilling, adrenaline rushing activity that is completely unique in Northern Ireland and one that should definitely feature on your bucket list.

You can pilot a Hovercraft over land and water on a cushion of air at up to 40mph, on our purpose built grass tracks with water hazards and tricky hairpins and bends.  Our specially designed Eagle 447 craft are easy to operate with minimal tuition, but require nerve and new “driving skills” to maximise the exhilaration of skimming in and out of water hazards at high speed.

Oh and did we mention...no brakes!


60 Minutes

Entrance Fee

£40 for Ages 12+, £30 for Ages 8-11.