Traditional Rustic Wooden Bench

The Market Place Theatre

Market Street
Co. Armagh
BT61 7BW

Fri 25 June | 10.00am – 5.30pm | £65.00

Green woodwork is one of the most accessible and enjoyable woodcrafts you can experience. Using traditional tools to shape green (unseasoned) wood is pleasure that is hard to match. The beauty of green wood lies in its ability to be shaped easily as it is soft and easily worked with hand tools.

Stephen Ryan from Green Woodwork Ireland will teach you the skills needed to make your own piece of garden furniture in the form of a small rustic bench, encompassing the use of the shave horse and a variety of hand tools including the drawknife, auger drill and spoke shave. Aimed at the complete novice or those with some experience, this course is suitable to people both young and old. Tools, equipment and refreshments provided.


Max:6 | Suitable for age 16+ | Tutor: Steve Ryan Green Woodwork Ireland

Entrance Fee