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Fit Moms

Portland Avenue
Co. Antrim
BT36 5EY

We cover everything you need to know to prepare for birth, including thriving in the 4th trimester and providing a fantastic opportunity to make friends, even online.

We teach in a grounded and down to earth way and our courses always include:

  • The signs labour is starting

  • The stages of labour, how things typically progress

  • What is a contraction? The science behind what your body is doing and techniques to help you cope

  • The role of hormones and the importance of the positive feedback loop

  • The effects of fear on the process

  • Using the breath, yoga positions and mindfulness as a toolkit for labour (complements the Hypno-Birthing approach)

  • Clear explanations of all possible medical interventions and pain relief options - and why these sometimes have a much needed place

  • How to make decisions and give meaningful informed consent in the moment - and why it is this that goes towards creating a more positive experience

  • How long things might take, when to call, what to pack in your bag

  • Where to birth choices - home, midwife led unit or hospital

  • Essential birth partner tips - what to do, when

  • The 4th trimester - early days with your newborn, what to expect - feeding, sleeping, baby care, mum’s self care and returning safely to exercise


4 weeks

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