Hallowe'en Walking Tour of Armagh


Old City Hospital (Now Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council Offices)

Abbey Street
Co. Armagh
BT61 7DY

Do you fear “things that go bump in the night”? 

If so, DO NOT book a place on the Hallowe’en tours of Armagh. This Walking Trail of approx. 1 hour will be a mix of gruesome tales of days gone by coupled with a few surprises along the way. Cover your ears if you don’t want to listen to stories of the grisly, fearsome characters or mysterious happenings of the past. Tread the narrow streets lightly - you don’t know who is waiting to get you!! 
The tour concludes at Red Ned's with a hot whisky/hot port or a drink of your choice. Audio devices will be provided for the tour to allow for distancing and to ensure everyone can hear. Please see info below re: audio equipment.
This tour is suitable for 18+ years of age as alcoholic beverages are included in the ticket price and available at the end of the tour. 
Tour Dates:
Thursday 28th Oct at 6pm 
Friday 29th Oct at 6pm and 8pm 
Saturday 30th Oct at 6pm and 8pm 
Starting Point:
In front of the County Infirmary (Old City Hospital, now Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council offices,) at the top of Abbey Street/Dawson Street, Armagh BT61 7DY. This building is close to Armagh Robinson Library and Vicar's Hill, also Armagh City Youth Hostel.
End Point: Ogle Street, at Red Ned's Pub
Parking: Car parking is available at Dobbin Street Lane car park which is close to the end point of the tour at Red Ned's pub. Car parking is also available across the city centre, including Castle Street. Please see this link for suggested car parking https://bit.ly/3lrpQOf 
Distance: Less than 1 km with some steep gradients and steps. 
Dress: Dress appropriately for the cold as this tour will take place entirely out of doors, a raincoat, boots/walking shoes recommended.
Price: £15 including refreshments at Red Ned's pub with hot whisky/hot port or a drink of your choice.


60 minutes

Entrance Fee