Journey Into Stillness: An afternoon wellness retreat

Elmfield Estate

23 Moyallan Road
Co. Down
BT63 5JX

“Journey into Stillness was like taking a lovely old clock and gently stopping the hands from turning. Just for an instant. Long enough to allow a glorious feeling of just ‘being.’”

This retreat takes visitors through a mini journey of self-discovery immersed in the natural surrounds of gardens and trees of Elmfield Estate, a beautiful private estate with magnificent trees and gardens which give a feeling of being held by the natural world, totally secluded from the outside everyday life. Guests are guided through a series of simple practices, to reconnect with themselves, each other and their natural environment.

After a day of slowing down and attuning to the rhythms of nature under the gentle care of Jane Shaw and her Elmfield team, guests feel like they have stepped off the fast turning wheels of life to recharge and restore, inspired by the connection to the Elmfield land and the stories it holds.

The family-owned estate which dates back to the 1700’s, has a wonderful history of evolving buildings and families who have lived there. You can’t help but notice the tranquillity of the estate, with its majestic trees holding space for every guest.

“I left with the most beautiful, calm feeling, and am working to recreate that in day to day life as much as possible...thank you for reminding me what I was missing”


The retreat is led by educator and psychologist Jane Shaw whose family home is Elmfield Estate. She is passionate about health and wellbeing, as well as each tree and flower in the estate gardens. Her team listen with care and attention to each visitor, sharing their valuable knowledge and research-based practices. Jane Shaw’s style of facilitation has been described as bardic in nature, weaving poetry, music, eco-psychology and embodied practices.  Jane has many years’ experience running retreats, creating the content from her continued clinical practice and academic research.

For you

Your every need will be taken care of. You will experience deep listening, respect, safety, silence, softness and nourishment from our specially selected team. We will move from the inside out. Slowly, deeply and mindfully you will be guided to your core, where you will be invited to rest deeply.

  • Explore the depths of your own stillness, moving between the inner and outer landscape
  • Explore silence and stillness and how to rest into them for greater peace and well being, through meditation and contemplative practices.
  • Enjoy a mindful nature walk to learn how to connect to the slow rhythms of the natural world
  • Learns tools and techniques to bring home for balance and renewed health
  • Enjoy gentle movement practices
  • Savour locally sourced seasonal fresh food
  • Relax and rest in the care of our experienced team


4 hours

Entrance Fee