Weekly Dance Event


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Madden's Bar

Berry Street
Co. Belfast

A mixed level class / dance session ...
I was recently approached by the owner of Maddens Bar, Belfast to run this event.
"Maddens bar, even though it resides in the heart of the city, epitomises tradition, warmth and craic; it is renowned for its vibrant traditional music scene."
Beginning in October 'Step with Annette' will host an open dance floor session in 2 parts:
a) 30 minutes of tuition in old style step dancing, 1 or 2 new steps each week, perhaps 1 easy step and a more advanced step, as the sessions progress there will be some revision of previously taught steps/dances, or dances already known by those attending. 
b) 60 minutes of 'open dance floor', repeating the taught step/s and building on repertoire each week, step-about will be encouraged. Between the solo dances, Annette will teach some simple 2-hand dances or ceili dances. 
The aim is to get people dancing outside the classroom environment, while also attracting people who are curious about dance and are keen to try a few simple steps - ie something for everyone.
Venue: Upstairs room, Maddens Bar
If you know people in the Belfast area, please share this announcement with them. 
NB - there is a music session in the downstairs bar from 8-11pm lead by piper Aaron O'Hagan - we could take our dance session downstairs at 9pm!
Annette looks forward to leading you in dance - her reputation as a teacher of traditional dance grew hugely during covid, due to her online programme which reached as far west as Seattle, and east to Japan - teaching to a growing community of old style dancers from all around the world.
Between May 2020 and June 2022 Annette delivered 11 courses of dance, at 4 levels - as well as teaching private online classes and group workshops.
Check her Facebook page for other dance events, or her website for more information on dance.
Drop her a line if you would like chat further: 
Email: stepwithannette@yahoo.co.uk 
(please save her address and check your spam folder for a response)


1 hour 30 minutes

Entrance Fee