5D Consciousness Healing Meditations Workshop

Ardress, Co.Armagh

Co. Armagh

The intention for this workshop is to create a new reality for ourselves and for others with 5D consciousness.
Healing Workshop to learn, heal & grow with 5D Core Values, Celestial Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddess energies, you're so welcome. 5D is a Heart-Centred Consciousness. Heart Consciousness is the wisdom of living through our heart-centre, intuitively knowing that All is One.
This is an activating workshop. Through powerful healing practices and meditations this workshop will help balance 3D and 5D energies and as with all my workshops will be deeply grounding which is the rooted medicine for this time.
This is an advanced workshop so I am offering to those who have previously worked with me or have experience in higher vibrational healing meditations with the Angels. If you are interested and would like to discuss please do.
The workshop practices, rituals, healing in ceremony because this is now we acknowledge and process the change …- calling in celestial beings of light and high frequency energies like the archangels including Metatron, Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel and others; ascended masters and guides to help you- high frequency healing meditations to clear, activate and enhance your 15 chakras system- information and updated on the Golden Age of Aquarius- healing prompts, journalling and practices- soul guidance and assistance from your Monad and the Antahkarana bridge- how to raise your vibrations and gratitude to connect to angels, archangels, ascended masters, celestial beings etc- 5th Dimensional Consciousness and 7th and 12th Dimensional healing energies (some higher dimensions may join us also!)- and spiritual support for your on-going practice\
Energy Investment £33.00
Space fully confirmed with more details once payment received.
Payments are non-refundable.
Please contact Ciara at ciara@ciaramchugh.com to book.


2 and a half hours

Entrance Fee