A Candy Floss Magic Party Workshop

Here at Candy Floss Magic we have been catering for children's parties large and small for quite some time...... Now we all know how kids just love candy floss and that’s why our candy floss parties have brought smiles and joy that remain as happy memories for many many children. At our parties our little guests could see the magic of candy floss appear right there in front of them and smell the sweet aroma that fills the air. Then immediately enjoy the sweet delightful fluffy taste that compares to nothing else. That's Candy Floss Magic. Now they love it even more when they can join in...... Firstly our trained operator sets up and explains the magic behind how candy floss is made. Then as they see the candy floss appear and artistically spun onto a stick, one after one they all get to enjoy their first taste of candy floss magic. Now the fun really begins..... Starting with the birthday girl/boy they each get to make their very own candy floss. Yes they are shown and then under close supervision they actually spin their very own candy floss on a stick like a true professional. At least two portions are then bagged and sealed in our jumbo candy floss bags to take home as proof of their achievement as well as being their party bag treats. You can even personalise these with your own stickers if you wish.

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