Ness and Ervey Woods Nature Reserves

Located in the Burntollet Valley within Ness Country Park, this nature reserve provides the opportunity to explore a wonderful and peaceful woodland, a gorge and spectacular waterfall. Ness Wood is named for ‘an las’ or Ness, meaning Waterfall, in this case it is known as the highest waterfall in all of Northern Ireland. As the paths wind their way through the canopy of oak, ash and beech woodland, along the Burntollet River to the Ness waterfall. This will then lead you to the parkland between the two blocks of woodland. Moreover, as the damper parts of the wood are dripping with mosses, ferns and lichens, this is the only site in Northern Ireland where welsh pocket moss is found. Bluebells and wood sorrel carpet the ground in spring and bilberry and hazel provide food for the birds. During summertime, you will be able to hear warblers fill the glades with the beautiful sounds of birdsong. Visitors may also be able to spot and look out for elusive red squirrels high in the trees and for signs of badgers digging in the soil. Otters are also known to hunt in the river nearby. During wintertime, rowan berries and bright red holly can provide a flash of colour in the woodland. Visitors may be able to spot small clouds of purple hairstreak butterflies during summertime if they look above the canopy of the stately oaks. The best time to visit would be late Spring for woodland flowers, summer for purple hairstreak butterflies, autumn for woodland colour and red squirrels and all year round for a beautiful woodland walk. Here at Ness and Ervey Woods Nature Reserve there is a visitor centre, car park, toilets, picnic tables and interpretation panels as well as maintained paths and walkways.

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Ness and Ervey Woods Nature Reserves
Co Londonderry
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