Is Irish Family life changing?

Home Boy Home, a new contemporary drama exploring how Irish family life is changing will be performed at Strabanes Alley Theatre on December 10th. Written by celebrated playwright and drama festival adjudicator Scott Marshall, local theatre critics are already hailing its arrival as “one of the most eagerly awaited plays this season at the Alley.”

Home Boy Home explores the legacy of the past, our shared community history and the road to reconciliation in the North West. “The play is based in a prosperous Derry catholic home, the father has just died and his family – two daughters and one son – return home for the funeral. “commented John Kerr from the Alley Theatre. “The family is then disrupted by the son of their former neighbour, a man they have not seen for more than twenty years.”

“The play explores themes of friendship and loyalty as the experiences of the characters is examined in both childhood flashbacks and present day scenes to reveal how the past has impacted upon their lives forever. The play is a mixture of comedy and tragedy, so be prepared to be howling with laughter and brought to tears within seconds of each other” concluded the Alley’s manager, John Kerr.

Writer Scott Marshall has spent his life in theatre, as director, performer, writer, critic, tutor, lecturer and adjudicator, Marshall is also a long standing member of the Guild of Dramatic Adjudicators and The Association of Drama Adjudicators he has adjudicated at the prestigious British All-Winners Final, the All Ireland Final and the World Festival of Amateur Theatre in Monte Carlo. Tickets are now on sale at the Alley Box office (tel: 028 7138 4444), priced at £9, £7 (con) or book online at