Everything You Need To Know About Indian Curry

If you think of Indian cuisine, chances are the first dish that springs to mind is one of the fabulous curries authentic to the region.

These aromatic, flavourful dishes come in a range of styles from sweet and creamy to suit those looking for a mild flavour to fiery sauces for those who relish the heat.

What Is a Curry?

According to Chef Jainal, head chef at Belfast’s newest Indian/Italian fusion restaurant “curry originates from the Indian subcontinent and is typically meat or vegetables cooked in a sauce flavoured with a combination of spices and herbs”.

The blend of spices varies across India, with as little as five or as many as thirty combined to achieve the perfect flavour.    

“Curry dishes can be classified into two types; wet and dry,” said Chef Jainal.

“Dry ones are cooked with very little water, and any liquid added will evaporate while cooking leaving an even coating of the dry gravy on the vegetables or meat.

“Wet curries usually have a sauce and be served with rice, bread or chapatti to soak it up.”

What Are The Most Popular Curries?

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is possibly the most well-known of curries in Indian cuisine. Preparation of the dish is simple yet has to be done with utmost care. Skinless chicken has to be marinated in a spice, yoghurt and salt mix and will be left to blend for an hour or more. Once that’s done the chicken will be roasted in a clay oven commonly called as Tandoor until it’s mostly cooked.

Chef Jainal explained: “The curry base is made with a blend of spices and salt along with onion, garlic, and ground cumin, roasted in butter and heavy cream added in last to give the dish its signature thick consistency. Fresh coriander is sprinkled over the curry as a tasty garnish.”

Butter Chicken

This is a classic dish that’s easy to make. Slow cooked chicken that falls from the bone coated in a sauce rich with tomatoes, spices and butter, finished with cream.

Butter chicken is said to have originated in Peshwar, but in 1947, after the partition, the dish journeyed into India and beyond.  

Mutton Rogan Josh

A slow-cooked Kashmiri delight made with a blend of spices, Rogan Josh has a light, aromatic gravy that’s easy to make and usually served with chapatti, rice, naan, or sheermal.

 Spices such as asafetida, cinnamon, cumin seeds, cardamom chilies, and peppercorns are roasted in a large pan, followed by mutton or an alternative meat. After 10 minutes on a medium heat, the sauce is seasoned with salt and more liquid added and simmered until the meat is soft. The curry is finished off with yoghurt, over a low heat, and some add garam masala powder, almond paste, grated khoya and kewra water for more flavor.

Vada Curry

Vada ia a mouth-watering dish which originated in southern India. Chana dal (split chickpeas) are soaked in water for 3-4 hours and then ground with fennel seeds, garlic cloves, ginger, green chili, and salt. The ground mixture is then taken in small proportions, flattened with fingers and deep-fried in oil. Often in southern India, the mixture would be dropped into the hot oil, without being flattened and cooked until crisp.

Chef Jainal said: “For the curry base chopped onion, ginger, garlic paste, and curry leaves are sautéed in oil until lightly browned.  Tomatoes and spices will be added along with ground coconut paste and seasoned to taste. Finally, the fried Vada mixture is added to the curry sauce and cook for 5 minutes.”

Chicken/Vegetable Korma

Korma is rich, heavily scented curry which is easy to make. Meat should be marinated in spices for a few hours before cooking in a cast iron pan, until cooked through.

For the sauce, onion and garlic is blended with water into a puree before being cooked in hot oil for 2-3 minutes. Tomatoes and the spice mixture, which includes garam masala, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and coriander, and added with a sliced green chili, coconut milk, and yoghurt, and simmered for 30 minutes.

Chicken/Mutton Vindaloo

An authentic chicken vindaloo is a fiery curry made by dry roasting dried chilies, cumin seeds, and mustard seeds in a pan and blending them with ginger, garlic and tamarind paste with a little water.

Onion is then cooked in oil, followed by the meat until cooked through, and then the paste is added with tomato puree and salt to taste. 

Mumbai Milano, 11 Wellington Place, Belfast is open 7 days a week. Lunchtime is an all-you-can eat buffet every day and their a la carte menu is available from 5pm. Book your table by calling 028 9031 1101 or log onto mumbaimilano.co.uk for more information.

Cosplayers Take Centre Stage At Q-Con 2019

The wonderful, colourful world of Cosplay will once again take centre stage at Ireland’s top gaming and anime convention, Q-Con, from Friday, August 30 to Sunday, September 1 at Queen’s University campus, Belfast.

Cosplay is the artistic hobby that sees people create costumes and dress up as their favourite characters from anime, manga, movies, video games, comic books or TV series.

Hundreds of pounds and hours are invested in producing or commissioning the best costumes, making the reproductions as exact as possible… but there’s plenty of room for those who just want to throw something together or marvel at everyone else’s hard work.

“It is a wonderful community that has grown greatly in the past 15 years both locally and internationally,” said Ben Harrison of Q-Con. 

“It brings fellow cosplay enthusiasts and artists together to have a bit of fun and to create something that can be appreciated by all.

“For some it’s even a gateway to a creative career in film and television that they are passionate about.”

The Cosplay community has been burgeoning for years in Northern Ireland and Q-Con is the hub for hundreds of devotees. Across the weekend watch out for the wonderful costumes in and around Queens.

A Cosplay Fashion Show, Cosplay Blind Date and Cosplay Talent Show are among the many events at Q-Con over the weekend.

Hosted by QUB Dragonslayers Q-Con promises a host of events, including an appearance from the creator of the classic game ‘Doom’, John Romero, who will challenge you “to beat him at his own game” as well as an exclusive meet and greet.

With 26-years-experience behind their belts the volunteer Dragonslayers know how to lay on three days of fantastic – in all senses – experiences.

“Since we began in a few rooms at Queen’s with 150 people Q-Con has exploded in popularity and excitement,” said Ben. 

“We’re working hard to make 2019 even better. From video gaming to tabletop gaming, or live text adventure in The Dark Room, through to our cosplay events we are packing the weekend out.”

Designed by gaming and anime fans Q-Con attracts people from across the UK and Ireland and further afield, with last year seeing a five percent increase in attendees. People from all ages are present throughout the weekend, with Sunday being especially accessible for families.

“When we see so many people around the university district coming along on trains, buses and in cars dressed up as their favourite comics, games and anime characters it shows just how popular gaming and anime has become, and how Q-Con caters for a demographic so often missed by the mainstream media,” added Ben. 

Taking place across the Queen’s campus, including the Whitla Hall, Elmwood Hall, Queen’ Film Theatre, the Computer Science Building and many other venues it is essential to plan your weekend to pack as much in as you can.

For more information and tickets go to q-con.org.uk

10 Exciting Things to do in NI

DiscoverNorthernIreland.com has stacks of fun things to do across NI, from family days out to gigs and cultural events. Here are ten exciting things taking place this week (2 – 8 September)

1.       Mount Stewart Conversations Festival 2019, Newtownards, 7-8 September. Mount Stewart Conversations Festival celebrates the history of Mount Stewart, revealing its unique stories and influence as a hothouse of ideas, debate, politics, music, literature and the arts.

2.       Macha at Navan Fort, Armagh, 6-7 September.  As part of the #embracetheplace art events, enjoy this new work by Armagh-born traditional musician and composer Niall Vallely, exploring the history and myths associated with the Navan complex.  The event includes a dramatic performance by Armagh Rhymers, musicians from Armagh Pipers Club and audio-visual displays together with a promenade to the Fort itself.

3.       The Belfast International Tattoo 2019, Belfast, 6-7 September. A youth theme will underpin the 2019 event programme with the Victorian Youth Pipe Band travelling from Australia to Belfast for the performance along with a number of other acts at the SSE arena. 

4.       Gourmet Wine Evening, Ballymena, 5 September. Savour Galgorm’s gourmet cooking paired with wine tasting under the expert supervision of a guest speaker in The River Room Restaurant. Each guest will savour a wine and canapé reception on arrival, followed by a five-course dinner created by Head Chef Chris Rees.

5.       Day Walk – Slieve Donard, Newcastle, 7 September.  Enjoy a day walking in the beautiful Mourne Mountains and tackle Northern Ireland’s highest peak, Slieve Donard, with a multi-lingual, qualified Mountain Leader.

6.       Defence Heritage in Castlerock, Castlerock, 7 September. The area around Castlerock is peaceful and beautiful now, but in the past, the region been the focus of military activity for centuries, and each phase has left its mark in one way or another. Join the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust on this day of exploration.

7.       Russell Howard, Belfast, 3-4 September. Following the record-breaking success of his 2017 tour Round The World, Russell Howard returns with his biggest globe-spanning stand-up comedy tour to date, Respite, performing at the Ulster Hall.

8.       Italian Cookery Demonstration by Ian Orr at Browns Bonds Hill, Derry~Londonderry, 7 September. Join Chef Patron Ian Orr for an Italian Cookery Demonstration. Ian will share tips to prepare sumptuous meals at home. The demonstration will be followed by a three-course meal.

9.       Causeway Coast Challenge, Ballycastle, 7 September. Push yourself to the limit on this spectacular challenge in support of people affected by Parkinson’s. Choose from a 13, 19 or 27.5 mile coastal hike or run along the clifftops, beaches and footpaths of the North Atlantic Coast.

10.   Shane Todd: The Toddfather, Armagh, 5 September. Following a hugely successful 2018 tour Shane Todd presents his biggest show yet, The Toddfather. Performing at a number of venues across Northern Ireland, see The Toddfather in Armagh at the Market Place.

For more information on these events or to plan a short break in Northern Ireland, visit www.DiscoverNorthernIreland.com.

Donaghadee Lights Up Food Tour

Following on from the success of last year’s sold out Donaghafeed food tour #DonaghadeeLightsUp Festival weekend presents Taste of Donaghadee on Thursday 5 September at 6pm.

Eat and drink your way through the courses at The Copeland Distillery, Dee Bull & Claw, Harbour and Company and The Lighthouse Bar and Grilll before ending the evening with dessert and entertainment at Pub on the Pier | Pier36

Tickets £62 per person
Booking is essential!

Call 028 9182 6846 or book online at www.ticketsource.co.uk/ardsandnorthdown

Everything You Need To Know About Q-Con 2019

Q-Con, an annual three day gaming and anime convention held at Queen’s University in Belfast returns on August 30, 2019.

Who are Q-Con?
The Q-Con event, ending on September 1, has taken place at the University for over 25 years and is hosted by the Queen’s University Belfast Dragon Slayers society every year since 1994.

Who goes?
As the gaming community has grown exponentially over the past two decades so has Q-Con, which is now morphed into a beast in its own right, so it’s fortunate we’ve got some Dragon Slayers on hand. With gamers and anime fans travelling from all over the world to be there, it’s estimated to attract over 6,500 attendees over the whole weekend.

What about the kids?
Sunday, the third day of the event is especially friendly for younger children and families. It will include face painting, speed drawing and even a puppy café to support the charity Cavaliers in Need. There will also be viewings of the groundbreaking anime Ponyo as well as the webtastic film Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, and finally Disney’s Treasure Planet. The screenings will be held at the Queens Film Theatre at different times throughout the day.

What else is happening?
Fans of the K-Pop scene and fitness fanatics will also be catered for in a fun combination of K-Pop and exercise. The group K-PopX will be putting on a 50-minute workout set, which will feature music and dance routines of the most well known K-Pop artists. The Irish Video Game Orchestra (IVGO) will also be hosting their Unplugged event, playing some of gaming’s most iconic themes that will surely be something to remember. IVGO will be playing on Friday night at Elmwood Hall, starting at 7pm.

Ever fancied proving to your kids that you’re better than they are at Fortnite? Now’s your chance as families will be able to take part in a Fortnite Battle Royale which will earn the winners bragging rights for weeks to come. This will just be one of the gaming events held that weekend. The Battle Royale will be held at Queens Computer Science building on Friday and Saturday.

Don’t forget that attendees are invited to cosplay as their favourite characters. There will be prizes for those who have the best outfits at the Cosplay Masquerade, with judging starting at on Sunday at 12pm at Elmwood Hall.

Doom fans
For older fans who have enjoyed games since 1994 the will be an opportunity to confront DOOM’s creator John Romero in multiplayer matches. As the DOOM series has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, being able to defeat the man himself at his own game will be a dream come true for many gamers. Come and show John what you’re made of at The Peter Froggatt Centre, Ground Floor, Room 024 on Saturday at 11am until 3pm.

When visiting Q-Con make sure to stop by at Artists Alley where traders from all over the world will be showing off and selling their unique and customer artwork. Many of these artists will only be here for this one weekend, so this is a fantastic opportunity to find some original and unique artwork to decorate your home or bedroom.

The stats
Over 6,500 attendees

50+ traders

50+ artists

50+ console bays

100+ eSports PCs

100+ Tabletop Games

50+ special events

Tickets are £18 (+booking fee) for a weekend pass if purchased in advance from >> https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/q-con-xxvi-registration-56286927716

On the day: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Day Passes £13 cash at the door.

Special Sunday Family Ticket is £20 for 2x Adults & 2x Children

For a comprehensive breakdown of the events and times at Q-Con, or to purchase tickets, please visit their website here http://www.q-con.org.uk 

Top Dolly Parton Tribute Confirms Autumn Tour Dates In Belfast, Banbridge & Armagh

Venues across Northern Ireland are set to be rocked with the songs and stage show of the Queen of County as the ultimate Dolly Parton tribute is back in the shape of performer extraordinaire, Donna Stewart.

The Autumn Tour will see the Belfast singer perform a packed show of fan favourites to audiences in Belfast, Armagh and Banbridge that will have everyone singing along to the likes of 9to5, Coat Of Many Colours, I Will Always Love You and Jolene. The show not only has lots of Dolly hits, but also some of country rock and pop favourites.

Speaking ahead of the shows Donna said; “I’m delighted to release the first few dates on our autumn tour, we’ll be back on the road from the end of September until Christmas, with lots more Northern Ireland dates to be released. Looking forward to playing an intimate gig at the Belfast barge what a fantastically unique venue. In Armagh well be back at the marketplace theatre one of my favourite venues across Northern Ireland. After playing a successful show at the Linfields Festival in 2015, I’m excited to return to Banbridge, the audience were one of the best we’ve had and I can’ wait to play it again after all these years. So hope to see you all there in your best country get up.”

Donna has established herself as the embodiment of the Queen of Country but it was a dream that came true by chance.

“I started performing as Dolly in 2011,” said Donna. “It was just meant to be for one night at a friend’s birthday, but this led to a stream of bookings.”

After a busy summer show in Belfast, Donna is revved up and ready to go again with a series of dates that have seen standing ovations and rave reviews from audiences.

“Eventually I realised I couldn’t be without Dolly in my life any longer so thanks to my wonderful husband Niall Toman and the rest of the Dolly show crew Anne McAteer, Chantelle McAteer, Chris Logan, Tom Savage and Kenneth McClure, we’re back and bigger than ever before. It’s very much a team effort.

“Let’s face it one of the best things I get to do is to dress up as Dolly.”

And, as always Donna and her team chose their tracks carefully.

“The show aims to emulate country icon Dolly Parton at her 80’s best right up until now, we also play songs from classic country, we aim to please everyone.

“We carefully chose the greatest hits that people love and remember and even if you’re not a die-hard Dolly fan you’ll certainly catch yourself toe tapping and singing along at some point throughout the night.

“Having spent many years in musical theatre both as a director and producer and a performer we make sure to include the pizazz and vibrancy of a West End show no matter how big or small the venue we play in,” explained Donna.

In the new fun, floor-filling show Dolly & Friends provide an energetic unforgettable night. Donna is a stickler for attention to detail and has studied dolly’s voice and performances since the 1980s – even the intonation of Dolly’s voice she uses to introduce songs.

During this show Donna plays custom made Dolly replica guitars & banjo, whilst wearing reproduction costumes made and updated in coordination with Dolly and with real hair wigs styled by the best hair stylists Northern Ireland has to offer – it literally takes thousands to be Dolly.

Donna Stewart will perform as Dolly Parton with the Dolly’s Jukebox show at:

The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre, Armagh, Saturday 9th November

The Belfast Barge, Belfast, Friday 15th November

Belmont Hotel, Banbridge, Saturday 28th November

For tickets and information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/DollysJukeboxBand/

Creative Events to Fire Imaginations at Young Aspects

This year’s Young Aspects programme takes place on 20 and 21 September in Bangor and features a range of creative events to fire young imaginations.

Rhys Eakin gets in some drawing practice ahead of the Young Aspects creative events programme taking place in Bangor on 20 and 21 September. From story-telling to illustration and digital art, there’s plenty on offer to inspire young imaginations.

Suitable for children of all ages, the events range from story-telling, to drawing, a comic workshop, and more.

The Festival is delighted to welcome illustrator Barry Falls who is holding an illustration workshop in Bangor Carnegie Library on Friday 20 September at 3.30pm. Suitable for 7 – 12 year olds, the workshop will explore characters, story and how words and pictures can work together to brings stories to life. Barry will use his new book ‘It’s Your World Now’ and his exhibition which will be on display in the library, to inspire the children. Tickets cost £7.

North Down Museum will host Cosy Bedtime Stories on Saturday 21 September at 6pm. Get your jammies on and bring a blanket to this lovely event where you’ll hear stories from new books and some old favourites. Suitable for 4 years +. Tickets cost £3 including cookies and a drink.

Young Aspects also features Toddler Storytime, Book Inspired Yoga, a digital art workshop, poetry collage making and a Sensory Story event. All perfect for your little readers and artists!

Speaking about the programme, Aspects Festival Director Patricia Hamilton said: “Young Aspects is an excellent opportunity for kids to get creative. The events are always a hit with our young audience and we would encourage everyone to book early to avoid disappointment.”

To view the full programme and to book tickets, visit aspectsfestival.com

Rocwell Water Tackling The Plastic Plague With Innovative New Product

Leading water supplier Rowell Water is tackling the worrying increase in plastic plaguing the planet with several innovative solutions, including the reusable Roc Bottle.

As suppliers of water coolers in the workplace Rocwell Water want to help everyone reduce the amount of plastic in use.

Brian Patrick Quinn of Rocwell Water is keen to emphasise that the new product is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact. The Roc Bottle concept has been in development for almost a year and will be available in coming weeks.

“The reason we developed the concept was to offer our customers and alternative to the standard single use cups with water coolers,” he said.

“We started to supply compostable and biodegradable cups to our customers but decided we want to do more, offer a premium stainless steel reusable bottle, which we can co brand in any companies logo.”

Roc Bottle is a premium reusable bottle and designed for liquids both hot and cold, so it also can reduce single use tea/coffee cups in the workplace.

The bottle keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours & cold drinks cold for 24hours.

Brian said that Roc Bottle will be available to three different sectors, business, education and retail.

“Companies are now wanting to reduce/ban plastic bottles from the workplace,” he said. “We can supply a premium water through our water coolers which allows staff to refill their Roc Bottle with the same quality of water they buy in their local store. It is cost effective and water is always chilled/room temperature plus saves waste costs of plastic bottles in the bins.

“In terms of education we have teamed up with Eco Schools NI to offer our Roc Bottle to education campus’ throughout NI and supply water fountains/chillers to the schools to allow pupils to refill their bottle anytime they want.”

The Roc Bottle will also be available in store to cater for the customers who want to refill on the go.

Following the shocking scenes on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II and the campaign from BBC programme ‘War On Plastic’ the team at Rocwell Water is acutely aware of the need to be a responsible company.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of water we provide to our customers,” said Brian.

“Rocwell Natural Mineral Water is one of the few companies in Ireland to achieve Natural Mineral Water Status. We meet the stringent EU, UK, Northern Ireland and Irish quality standards and our water, to meet the Natural Mineral Water Status we had a number of criteria, including that our water is naturally free from pollution, contamination and harmful micro-organisms. We have also met the same high standards required for our spring water.”

Rocwell Water also supply mains fed water coolers and fountains, which are more cost-effective, and reduce the need for large plastic refill bottles.

“There are a number of businesses who have switched to mains fed as their use of 19L bottles has increased,” said Brian. “Roc bottle will also work with this model.”

As with everything, however, there is a cost. Rocwell Water’s revenues from disposable and compostable plastic cups will reduce, but they believe it is a price worth paying in the long run.

“The company recognises we all have a responsibility to do better if we can, and we believe if we offer the service of providing Roc Bottle, branded if required, customers will prefer Rocwell as their preferred supplier to the others on the market with a reduction in plastic heading to landfills or using energy to recycle it.

“If we can reduce plastic, encourage people to drink more water it is good for all.”

The Roc Bottle comes in three different sizes. It is made from food grade stainless steel as a premium triple sealed vacuum and is leakproof. Liquids in Roc Bottle will stay hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

More information is available at www.rocbottle.com 

£500,000 Investment For Belfast City Centre Restaurant Creating 20 New Jobs

A brand-new mixed cuisine restaurant has opened Belfast City Centre.

New hospitality company Global Caterers Belfast have invested £500,000 into a 2,700 sq. ft unit in Wellington Place in the heart of the city.

The opening of the restaurant has created 20 new jobs and is located just minutes from Belfast City Hall and opposite the £70m office scheme Merchant Square.

Fronted by Indian Head Chef, Jainal Abedin and Italian Sous Chef, Luigi Savarese, Mumbai Milano will not just fuse two of the most famous cuisines in the world but has committed to using local Northern Ireland produce throughout their menu.

Chef Jainal, who has worked all over the world including Dubai, London, Bombay and Jersey, said he hopes to bring a global taste to local produce.

He added: “Choosing this location in the city centre was key to ensuring the success of Mumbai Milano, we wanted to both cater for the local market as well as attracting tourists and visitors into the city.

“The location was a no-brainer for us, especially with the Merchant Square development across the way. This part of the city centre is seeing an influx of new offices and student accommodation so there is a market for more restaurants in this area to cater for what is anticipated to be an area of increased footfall. We have identified other sites across the city for potentially expanding the concept to a second location however we are entirely focused on the Wellington Place site for now.

“I’ve always had a desire to fuse both Indian and Italian cuisine, so when we decided to open the restaurant I knew exactly what we wanted to create.

“I am confident the people of Belfast and beyond will love what we have to offer.’’

Chef Luigi, who worked for Paul Rankin for a number of years, brings four decades of experience with him. The chef, who came to Northern Ireland 20 years ago said he was delighted to be on board with the Mumbai Milano team.

He added: “Northern Ireland has a longstanding love for both cuisines; however, it is rare to have a restaurant in which the customer can avail of the standouts from both cultures. People today desire good quality, delicious food, that is good value for money and that is exactly what we offer.

“To be able to showcase these beautiful cuisines and create a fusion menu that we think will both intrigue and excite people is a delight.

“So far the feedback has been great from the public.”

The 120-seater restaurant opened its doors last week and will be open seven days a week. The menu includes everything from traditional Indian curries to authentic Italian pizza and pasta.

General manager Liam Whiteway said: “The menu offers a wide range of classic Indian and Itallian meal options as well as some unique fusion choices.

“All food offerings will be complemented by an extensive drinks and cocktail menu with quirky elements including cocktails infused with candyfloss, honeycomb and other sweet treats.

“The interior fit out is stylish plush fabrics in a luxurious comfortable setting.”

For more information go to http://mumbaimilano.co.uk

Spinning Yarns Festival – A Darn Good Day Out!

Spinning Yarns Festival returns to the award-winning Antrim Castle Gardens on Saturday 31 August & Sunday 1 September celebrating the wonderful world of all things wool & linen. This two day event has something for all ages to enjoy.

Amy Cosby, Lucy Cosby, Lauryn Hill and Evie Cosby from Newtownabbey

Weave your way through our marketplace, offering an array of country craft, textile traders and food stalls including The Sewing Drawer, Fabric Affair, Down on the Farm, Flossy Treats, Baked in Belfast and Parlour Yarns.

Chef, Paula McIntyre MBE will be rustling up some tasty treats during her cookery demonstrations from ‘field to fork ‘whilst Angeline Murphy, fashion designer, will show you how to create a dress from a duvet in her sustainable sewing and reuse of textiles talks.

New to this year’s line-up, we are delighted to have Louise Kelly, doll maker and soft toy designer who is based in County Londonderry join us for Spinning Yarns. Louise will be holding classes throughout the event on the art of doll making, you can often see her on ‘The Sewing Quarter’ craft TV channel.

Our local Craft Group, Hookery, will be hosting a drop-in knitting and crochet space where you can learn new skills. Find out how crafting can improve both your mental and physical well-being with Joanne Lee and her team of mindful crafters.

The endearing Alpacas, a mobile farm, glitter tattoos, face painting, balloon modelling, arts & crafts will keep the little ones amused whilst the grown-ups can kick back and enjoy the live music from Connor Taggart. 

So if you needle little inspiration or simply a “darn” good day out join us at Spinning Yarns where we have it all sewn up!

For more information and details visit www.spinningyarnsfestival.com