NI Renewables Firm Everun Expand Into Scotland With New Partnership

Northern Ireland firm Everun is set to partner with Scottish engineering firm MCE Scotland to bring its innovative Turntide technology across the water.

Last month renewables experts Everun launched the revolutionary new energy technology product to market that will help companies save on costs and help tackle climate change.

By partnering with MCE Scotland Everun will be introducing Turntide Motors to the HVAC industry across Scotland.

The Turtide Smart Motor System, developed in California, has been proven to help reduce energy consumption, emissions and costs for HVAC systems. 

The motors use a patented switched reluctance design that makes them up to 80% more energy-efficient than traditional motors. This means that they can help businesses and organisations significantly reduce their carbon footprint, while also saving money on energy bills.

Everun’s managing director, Michael Thompson said the partnership will allow MCE Scotland to offer Turntide Motors to HVAC installers and service providers across Scotland bringing a much-needed solution for businesses wanting to make their HVAC systems more sustainable and cost-effective.

He added: “In addition to our exclusive distribution rights to the technology we are thrilled to be collaborating with MCE Scotland as an installation partner to bring Turntide Motors to the HVAC industry in Scotland.

“This technology is a game-changer when it comes to energy efficiency, and we believe that it will have a significant impact on the Scottish market. We look forward to working with MCE Scotland to help businesses across Scotland achieve their sustainability goals.”

The Turntide system is cloud-connected, with smart software that is certified to be up to 60% more efficient than traditional motors and is already in use across the United States.

Turntide Motors have already been installed in hundreds of businesses around the world, including Amazon, JLL, and a variety of commercial buildings and factories. The motors have been shown to reduce energy consumption and costs by up to 50%, while also providing better performance and reliability than traditional motors.

Allan Espie, managing director of MCE Scotland said: “We are excited to be partnering with Everun Ltd to bring Turntide Motors to Scotland.

“We believe that this technology has the potential to transform the HVAC industry, and we are looking forward to working with Everun Ltd to help businesses across Scotland make their buildings more sustainable and cost-effective.”

Turntide’s electrical motor is based on the physics of electric generation using magnets and holds more than 100 patents for its intelligence-based system. Its three elements are the motor, the controller and the cloud that optimises every part of the energy produced, and precisely switches the current to the motor 20,000 times per second.

The partnership, facilitated by Invest Northern Ireland, marks an important step forward in the Scottish HVAC industry’s journey towards sustainability. By offering Turntide Motors, Everun Ltd and MCE Scotland are providing a solution that can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, save money on energy bills, and improve the overall performance of their HVAC systems.

The partnership was officially announced at the Invest Northern Ireland stand at the All Energy Conference 2023 in Glasgow. Welcoming Everun’s success, Grainne McVeigh, Invest NI’s Director of Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering said: “Everun’s determination to bring this new technology to the RoI and now Scotland is supporting companies in these markets to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. 

“We look forward to continuing to support Everun to achieve its ambitious growth strategy in the years ahead.” 

PAC Group Announce Sponsorship Of Northern Ireland Cricket Umpires Kits

Belfast engineering firm PAC Group have announced a sponsorship deal for the next three seasons for the Northern Ireland Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (NIACUS).

The sponsorship comes on the back of the eight-division company’s existing support for Carrickfergus Cricket Club.

Darren Leslie, business development director at PAC Group, said the company is delighted to show their support for the sport.

He added: “PAC Group already supports ladies rugby, children’s football and a local cricket club. 

“This sponsorship of the Northern Ireland Association of Cricket Umpires is just another way we can show our support for grassroots sport across the country.”

The sponsorship will see 75 umpires across Northern Ireland attend hundreds of games per season for the next three years with PAC branded kits.

Colin McClean, chairman of NIACUS, said PAC Group’s support was a welcome addition to their organisation.

He said: “We are delighted that PAC Group have shown their support for cricket across Northern Ireland by providing kit for our umpires.

“The kits have debuted well following the start of the season last month.”

The kit includes a new on-field t-shirt, jacket and long-sleeve jersey.

Umpire Gareth Morrison said: “Being an umpire means we have to be part of setting a high standard on the pitch. This new kit allows us to be smart, visible and support a fantastic local company in the process.”

Brian Alexander, an employee at PAC Group and also an umpire with NIACUS said he was delighted to see his employer support the sport he loves.

He said: “PAC Group has a great ethos of supporting local sport and I was absolutely delighted to be able to facilitate a partnership between them and NIACUS.

“I will be proud to walk onto the pitch as an umpire but delighted to be supporting my employer at the same time.”

Boardroom Apprentice Programme Set To Return Next Month

2022 Boardroom Apprentices Craig Service, Alex Deonarine, Clodagh Palmer and Gillian Orr

Boardroom Apprentice is set to return this year as applications for this year’s programme are open on June 5.

A UK first, the Boardroom Apprentice is a 12-month unique board learning, development and placement programme which enables those who would like to serve on a public or third sector board to learn and gain experience through in-depth training and support.

Founded by Eileen Mullan in 2017, the programme is now entering its seventh year and has helped 277 candidates across Northern Ireland to begin their Boardroom journey thanks to its support from the Department of Finance. 

Open to those aged 16 or over from all backgrounds and all abilities, the programme seeks to enable a wider diversity of individuals to play their part within boardrooms and helps move the board member role from aspiration to reality.

Eileen Mullan, Boardroom Apprentice founder, said: “I decided to create a programme that brings together three key elements – knowledge, experience and support. 

“Over a twelve-month window Boardroom Apprentices will get practical board experience, a suite of learning days and support to fully equip them to serve on a board in the public or third sector in the future.

“Being a Boardroom Apprentice is a gift. You get the programme as a gift with the expectation that you give it back. Being a Boardroom Apprentice is about preparing you for public service, which is about you playing your part.”

Speaking of her experience, Boardroom Apprentice Alex Deonarine who was placed with the Department of Health said: “Being a young, mixed race girl, I initially felt as if there was no room for me at the boardroom table. 

“I didn’t understand my potential and often questioned ‘what’s the point?’ or ‘what do I have to bring?’.

“What I learned was that anyone and everyone can serve on a board, it just takes confidence and believing in yourself. 

“If you’ve never seen anyone “like you” on a board before, be the first one. You will never regret it – you will only treasure each and every experience on this journey.”

During the year, each Boardroom Apprentice has to attend eight learning days on topics such as finance, communication and governance along with the board placement on a board of their choice, matched by both Eileen and a selection of former apprentices.

2022 Boardroom Apprentice, Craig Service, who was placed with the NI Police Fund said that the programme was a “humbling” experience.

He added: “Before I joined the programme, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be daunting and I suppose I doubted my capabilities to be involved in such a programme.

“I met and worked with wonderful people all of whom have their own views, opinions and experiences that I could learn from.

“Being on a board is one of the most humbling and authentic experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone.”

Boardroom Apprentice Gillian Orr, who was placed with Nexus, said her time on the course last year provided her with an opportunity to develop her soft skills: “Through the project work I developed greater interpersonal skills which were really helpful and mirrored the experience of being a new board member. 

“I also learned skills across different areas that I wouldn’t typically have insight to, such as finance analysis and governance, all of which were accessible at all levels and applicable in my host board setting.”

Boardroom Apprentice Clodagh Palmer, who was placed with South Eastern Regional College said the experience helped her in her personal development journey.

“Boardroom Apprentice enables people from different backgrounds to have an opportunity to be on a board” she said. 

“I wanted to be on a board for my personal development and to be able to give back to the community in which I live.

“Before applying I had no idea, to be honest, of what to expect and I thought it wouldn’t be as interesting as it was. I was wrong, as I soon found out the programme was far better than I ever expected.

“I learned so much about how boards work, the intricacies and about what I can bring to the board.

This year’s programme will run from September 1, 2023 – until August 31, 2024.

For more information on Boardroom Apprentice go to 

Water Is Not An Infinite Business Resource

By Karl Fox, General Manager, PAC Enviro 

Late last year as global leaders met in Sharam El-Sheikh to discuss climate change at COP27 the issue of water, whether it be flooding in Pakistan or drought in east Africa was never far from the news reports. But the impact of water, and wastewater, closer to home is something that the industry must consider.

To the casual observer, it may seem strange that, in a country so blessed with rainfall, wastewater can have an environmental impact, yet the very treatment of it and managing the processes are drivers of change.

There are real costs in managing wastewater such as energy use and real costs to the environment if not done correctly. Industrial and domestic wastewater disposal is estimated to contribute nine per cent of worldwide anthropogenic methane emissions.

At PAC Enviro, a division of PAC Group, we are conscious that our clients, large and small, want to be part of the solution to the challenges set at COP27, and the ambitious targets set by Northern Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

Managing water in the workplace is a task that, in some ways, is similar to what you might do at home. Leaks from taps, inefficient toilet flushes and water used in cleaning are all part of the water use mix, but for businesses, there is the added driver of water charges, whether metered or assessed.

Businesses from all sectors from hospitality right through to major manufacturers can not only contribute to the climate goals but also save financially by committing to reusing their water by harvesting, treating and reusing their grey water, wastewater and rainwater.

As water is used at a high volume in manufacturing and engineering it is a resource that must be looked at in planning. Project management and applying the right software are the headline services that can be looked at for water use and wastewater treatment.

From screening the wastewater through to clarification and effluent disposal it can be up to an eight-stage process. Control and automation, plant optimisation, stand-alone solutions, upgrades, associated mechanical and services and pumping station control are part of the mix to be considered across all industry sectors, including agricultural, transport, manufacturing, hospitality and much more.

It is because of the breadth of water usage that all must take on the challenges. Where is our water used? How much does it cost? How is our wastewater managed? What impact does it have on climate? The answers to these questions are available and can be applied in a cost-effective way, in addition to working towards environmental accreditation to reassure clients that it is a responsible business.

That word – responsible – resonates across all industries as every part of society is becoming more acutely aware of the impact that there is no time to wait, and delays will be frowned upon.

I’m not talking about the extreme protests seen across England’s roads and motorways, but the ordinary person who is becoming more conscious of what they are contributing to climate change. That so-called ordinary person is a voter, a business owner, and a consumer. They each want to be part of the solution.

A business’ contribution to achieving net zero is not just an altruistic ambition but it also makes sense when applied to the bottom line. There are real economic advantages to looking at sustainable business planning. Managing wastewater must be part of that mix. Married with renewable energy sources such as solar panels, that target can be achieved.

With the recent increase in non-domestic water and sewerage rates in Northern Ireland, all businesses can not only contribute to achieving net zero but also save money by treating and reusing their grey water, rainwater and modern technology now means even their wastewater can be treated and reused.

The Climate Action Plan will demand that 80% of Northern Ireland’s energy will be from renewable resources by 2030. Unfortunately, we are well away from achieving that target despite almost 50% coming from those sources in 2022 from a base of almost zero 15 years ago.

The country stands at an environmental and economic crossroads. We as individuals can take action; we as business owners and investors can take action.

Businesses such as PAC Enviro and our other PAC Group divisions have been working towards developing efficient, environmentally sensitive solutions. Instead of staring into an abyss wondering what to do, the services are at hand. Whether it be the private or public sector there are ways to tackle the pressing issues for all of the country, and across the UK and Ireland.

What we cannot afford to do is avoid the need to act now. The future health and wellbeing of all of us and our country might seem like hyperbole, but it is the reality. Planning for the next business cycle may take up a lot of time, but a longer vision is also key.

The next time we are caught in a downpour, walk along a river, or even drive past a wastewater treatment plant it is worth considering how that precious resource is managed and how effective management can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Renewables Firm Everun Sign On As Sponsor For All-Ireland Sustainability Awards

Belfast renewables firm Everun have been confirmed as one of the leading sponsors of the forthcoming All-Ireland Sustainability Awards. 

The event, hosted by Barra Best, will take place on October 5 in the Grand Ballroom of the Europa Hotel in Belfast.

With sustainability and the net-zero agenda firmly on the radar for everyone, the race is now on to find the best examples of sustainability.

Everun is joined by companies such as  Visit Belfast, International Synergies NI, Danske, NIE Networks, Veri Connect and Ulster Bank who are supporting the event this year.

There are 14 awards being presented on the evening with 13 categories open for nomination to represent the wider sustainability agenda, these include:

  • Agri-Food Initiative of the Year
  • Biodiversity Initiative of the Year
  • Young Changemaker of the Year
  • Housing / Buildings Initiative
  • Consultant / Consultancy of the Year
  • Waste, Resource Management & Circular Economy Initiative of the Year Food
  • Waste Reduction Initiative of the Year
  • Energy Initiative / Project of the Year
  • Green Exporter of the Year
  • Net-Zero Initiative of the Year
  • Green Marketing / Stakeholder Engagement Initiative of the Year
  • Social Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative of the Year
  • Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Initiative of the Year

There is also the Overall Winner of the Year 2023, which will be the final award of the evening. This prestigious title will go to one business, selected from all the category winners of the evening, to be awarded the most Sustainable Business of the Year 2023. 

Danielle McCormick of Triterra and founder of All-Ireland Sustainability, explained: “All-Ireland Sustainability began in November 2020 with our free online networking group, the goal of which was to drive the sustainability agenda, and positive change, across the region, share best practice and learnings and create collaboration opportunities. 

“I am proud to say that the Network now has 400 members across NI and Ireland, we have run two All-Ireland Sustainability Summits in 2022 and are now looking forward to delivering our first Awards event in October.”

Ross Moffett, Sales & Business Development Director at Everun, added: “We are delighted to partner in the inaugural All-Ireland Sustainability Awards this October as the ethos of these events was a natural fit with our own. 

“At Everun we are focused on helping our customers become more sustainable through reducing energy consumption, and we felt that the awards were a fantastic opportunity to recognise all the great work being achieved across the island of Ireland to drive and accelerate positive change across the sustainability agenda. 

“We are looking forward to being involved in the judging process and can’t wait to hear more about the individuals and organisations making a difference across this year’s categories.” 

The awards are completely free to enter, and individuals can nominate themselves, their organisation, or a colleague for an award. Entries are now open and will remain open until August 15 with finalists expected to be announced the week commencing September 4.

“We are extremely grateful to all of our sponsors and partners, without whom the awards evening simply wouldn’t be possible, and are absolutely thrilled to have young and upcoming Northern Irish artist, Ruthie Stewart, design a unique trophy, especially for our event,” said Danielle, adding: “We have an absolutely amazing evening organised up for our guests, including a super line-up of local musicians and entertainment, as well as a local produce menu designed by the Europa team for guests to enjoy on the night. 

“We’re delighted to have entries now open and to celebrate all exciting and innovative sustainable developments at our awards event in October.”

Award categories, nomination forms and further details can be found at: 

Renewables Firms Welcome Long Overdue Electricity Network Upgrade

NI companies say investment plans will kickstart efforts to achieve net zero goal

Leading renewable industry companies, Everun and PAC Group, have welcomed plans for a £3bn investment by NIE Networks (NIEN) to upgrade Northern Ireland’s electricity network.

The two companies have been calling for urgent developments in the existing grid to enable renewable energy sources to support the 2030 target to have 80% of all the country’s energy needs from renewables.

Managing director of Everun, Michael Thompson said that for too long the ageing electricity grid had hampered the development of the sector.

“In welcoming this investment we now need to see rapid action by the regulator and a full action plan for implementation,” he said. 

“There is a demand across businesses to develop wind turbines and solar generation, and connectivity to wider renewable sources.

“NIE Network’s announcement is the first step, and now we need the regulator to press ahead with approval and for the swift progress of the wider energy strategy at NI Executive level.”

Under the investment plans electricity customers will be able to connect with low carbon technology from NIE Networks lines, pylons and substations.

Business development director at PAC Group, Darren Leslie, said more and more businesses are not only seeing the need for action on climate change, but the economic benefits of switching to renewable energy.

“There are too many obstructions in Northern Ireland at present to have it rolling it out across more and more businesses, not least the planning and application processes and assessment of the grid having the correct infrastructure in place,” he said. 

“That is not the case in many areas, and even with this investment, it will not be there for several years without action at executive level to drive it forward.”

NIE Networks does not generate electricity nor sell power to homes and businesses but warned that the investment could add an additional £10 to £20 a year to bills.

Mr Thompson said a cross-government approach is needed to address the challenges such as planning that are hindering the country from achieving the climate goals agreed.

“While pressure on household and business bills should be avoided, this investment will enable NI to take further control of its own energy security and ultimately reduce costs,” he said. 

“We have a great opportunity to become a powerhouse in the generation and distribution of renewable energy, utilising our preferential location for wind resources and creating thousands of well-paid engineering-based jobs.”

Both Everun and PAC Group have been calling for action on the infrastructure for some time and expressed frustration that the climate change goals may not be met, and will restrict business development.

“Business planning for their energy  is part of a five-year cycle,” said Mr Leslie.

“It is not something that owners can push back, and it is not something anyone can afford to ignore any further.

“The reality is that there will be frustrations, but these frustrations should be a driver towards solutions. The renewables industry in Northern Ireland have these solutions to hand, and we see, from the growing number of enquiries for sustainable energy production.

“Northern Ireland’s Climate Action Plan has set ambitious targets that may or not be met, however, businesses must not see that as their driver, but rather what they can do to benefit themselves, employees, and owners.”

The Centre of Advanced Sustainable Energy (Case), hosted by Queens University, believes targets for climate action could not be realised without this injection into the infrastructure.

“In the long-term, we would see many benefits being realised through this investment,” said Martin Doherty from Case. 

“Alongside the positive economic impact on the supply chain and wider industry, this will go a long way to enabling Northern Ireland to meet the target of 80% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030 which, in turn, could ease the pressure on energy bills.”

Under the investment plan there will be 1,000 jobs created by NIE Networks. Both Mr Thompson and Mr Leslie believe that the renewables industry will in turn be recruiting more staff in engineering to meet the demands.

Within their eight divisions PAC Group supports the renewables sector through PAC Electrical with solar and EV charging and via PAC Enviro in the water and wastewater industry.

Everun specialises in managing large scale wind farms as well as the installation of wind and solar energy solutions, EV charging, smart motors such as TurnTide and renewable switchovers. 

Belfast Hotel To Save Over 40% On Energy Costs With New TurnTide Technology

Crowne Plaza using revolutionary power product from Everun to reduce carbon footprint

Renewable experts, Everun, recently completed the installation of revolutionary new motor technology Turntide at south Belfast’s Crowne Plaza hotel with anticipated savings of more than 41% in the running of the air conditioning and handling at the popular venue.

The Turntide Smart Motor System, developed in California, has been proven to save companies on energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

Everun’s Managing Director, Michael Thompson believes that it will be an essential part of the drive to save money.

“Electric motors are everywhere in business from pumping air to powering production lines,
however, the technology used in these motors is more than a century old and is no longer efficient for today’s world.” he said.

“We were delighted to work with Crowne Plaza to update the motors that power the air handling units across multiple sites at the hotel including the main function hall, pool, gym, and the fitness suite.”

Ahead of the installation, Everun in conjunction with UK partners Future Motor Limited are the exclusive distributors of TurnTide in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, carried out a comprehensive audit of the existing motors for over a week, monitoring their performance to help predict the energy-saving potential of the Turntide motors.

“Using our desktop analysis we projected that the minimum potential saving would be 25%,” said Mr Thompson, Everun’s Managing Director. 

“Following the installation, we have carried out an additional analysis of the new system and found that Crowne Plaza will achieve a 41% increase in energy efficiency in actual day-to-day use, giving the hotel a return on their investment in less than three years.”

Three of Everun’s specialist engineers installed the new Turntide motors in the hotel’s HVAC air handling units during February, including the motors, new hardware, cable runs, belts, pulleys and software.

Rajesh Rana from Crowne Plaza said they were delighted with the work undertaken.

“As a hotel, we are very aware that many guests in this beautiful part of Northern Ireland are asking about our sustainability policies. We are proud to have achieved the industry recognised Green Tourism accreditation,” Mr Rana said. 

“The projection that we will have a carbon offset of around 62 tonnes across the whole site is an important aspect of our commitment.”

Mr Thompson added that Crowne Plaza is the latest customer to see the benefits of the revolutionary new motor technology.

“Turntide is a proven system that uses smart technology to make sure that companies have an efficient way to power the electric motors, and we are delighted to offer it to clients across the island of Ireland.

“We are delighted to be able to offer a full, free assessment of the potential of upgrading to any organisation using electric motors.”

The Turntide system is cloud-connected, with smart software that is certified to be up to 60% more efficient than traditional motors and is based on the physics of electric generation using magnets and holds more than 100 patents for its intelligence-based system.

Its three elements are the motor, the controller and the cloud-connected software that optimises every part of the energy produced, and precisely switches the current to the motor 20,000 times per second.

For more information go to

Belfast Conference Set To Power Passionate Marketing

Marketing professionals from across Northern Ireland will have the chance to hear how their specialism is developing and growing at a new one-day event taking place in Belfast this May.

The Big Marketing Meet Up which will take place on May 25 at The MAC will “power passionate marketeers” to learn, grow and upskill as they hear from a range of industry experts on topics such as sustainability, influencers, AI, branding, experiential marketing and more.

Keynote speaker for the event will be Richard Shotton, founder of London based behavioural science consultancy Astroten and author of The Choice Factory and The Illusion of Choice.

Richard will be opening and closing the event with his talks ‘What Makes Us Tick?’ and ‘The Illusion of Choice – When Marketing Meets The Mind Of The Customer’.

Having spent nearly two decades as a media planner on accounts such as Coke, Lexus and comparethemarket through his agency Astroten Richard now works with a wide variety of brands, including Google, Mondelez, BrewDog and Barclays.

Speaking ahead of the event Richard said: “I am delighted to be returning to Belfast to deliver these sessions at the Big Marketing Meet Up. 

“In my opening session we will address how understanding consumer behaviour can help marketeers create a competitive edge.

“We will then close the event looking at the psychological biases that influence how we buy & how to use these to win and retain customers.”

The Big Marketing Meet Up will see 12 specialist speakers with 11 presentations ranging from sustainability, consumer behaviour, influencers, finance, and AI take to the stage throughout the day.

Organisers said the Big Marketing Meet Up has been created by marketing professionals for marketing professionals.

They feel that as marketing is developing and changing, seemingly daily at times. The Big Marketing Meet Up is a chance to take the time out, re-charge, and for marketeers to fuel themselves with insights and ideas to help them become more effective.

Hosted by former BBC News reporter and presenter, Sarah Travers, other speakers include entrepreneur and Chairman of The Worshipful Company of Marketors Dr Glyn Cartwright who will be speaking on the topic of ‘How to never stop growing in your marketing career’, founder and director of Marcomm Una McSorely who will be delivering a “humorous guide to better communications In the workplace where you will learn how to communicate with the animals in your office” and lecturer in Management Development at Ulster University’s Business School Nancy Brown who will be talking about the power of experiential marketing.

Also taking to the stage throughout the day will be Tina Calder, founder and director of media and marketing agency Excalibur Press tackling the rise of the robots and what marketeers & copywriters need to know about the rise of Chat GPT and other AI content generators.

Joining the line-up throughout the day will also be Danny Lynch, director of communications for the Irish Football Association, Vava Influencer partners Fran Morelli & Chloe Henning, Sonya Kerr and Susan Crawford of Catagen, sustainability expert Danielle McCormick and award-winning Creative Director Jamie Watson of Thought Boxes.

Not only will the event see and hear from an amazing line-up of speakers, there will be a chance to meet each of them in the Big Marketing Meet Up Lounge over lunch.

Organisers have also extended their thanks to event partners Excalibur Press and The Worshipful Company of Marketors.


The full line-up of speakers and the programme are available now, as well as an early bird booking offer of £95 per person at

Flour Power at Andrew Ingredients as Company Announces Whitworth Bros. Partnership

Finbar Haughey, Andrew Ingredients and Paul Galloway, Whitworth Bros

Andrew Ingredients have formed a dynamic partnership in the island of Ireland with Whitworth Bros. Ltd. and have tripled the number of quality flours they can offer to their customers.

Andrew Ingredients is a supplier to the bakery and food industry throughout Ireland and the UK. A family run business committed to delivering the best range products combined with exceptional services for over 75 years. 

Whitworth Bros. Ltd. are a family business with roots in flour milling dating back to the 1920s. Their wide range of flours are manufactured in some of the most technically advanced mills in the world, ensuring the highest levels of food safety and brand protection. Since 2018 Whitworth Bros. Ltd. have been milling the well-known range of Originals branded flours.

Gavin Mynes, National Accounts Manager, Whitworth Bros. Ltd. commented: “We’re extremely excited to enter this partnership with Andrew Ingredients. It has further significance to us as we are two established family businesses coming together with a clear strategy for growth in the island of Ireland and share vast industry knowledge and a dynamic approach.”

“With this exciting new partnership we will be able to offer an amazing variety of quality flours, probably the best range in Ireland. This will enable us to meet the needs of everyone from plant to craft bakeries, indeed anyone who uses any type of flour.” states Technical Sales Manager, Andrew Ingredients.

For further information on Andrew Ingredients visit or telephone 028 9267 2525. Follow Andrew Ingredients on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

Renewables Experts Everun Turning Tide In Saving Energy

Revolutionary new motor Turntide tackling climate change

Renewables experts Everun are bringing a revolutionary new energy technology product to market that will help companies save on costs and help tackle climate change.

The Turtide Smart Motor System, developed in California, has been proven to save companies on energy bills and Everun’s Managing Director, Michael Thompson believes that it will be an essential part of the drive to save money.

“Electric motors are everywhere in business from pumping air to powering production lines,” he said.

“However, we are using technology for these motors that is more than a century old and is not efficient for today’s world.

“Turntide is a proven system that uses smart technology to make sure that companies have an efficient way to power the electric motors, and we are delighted to offer it to clients across the island of Ireland.

“Recently the Department for the Economy in their Energy Strategy – Path To Net Zero Energy indicated one of their objectives was to ‘deliver energy savings of 25% from buildings and industry by 2030’. Installing a Turntide system will provide businesses with a robust solution for attempting to achieve this objective.” 

The Turntide system is cloud-connected, with smart software that is certified to be up to 60% more efficient than traditional motors and is already in use across the United States.

Ryan Morris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Turntide Technologies said the company was delighted to be partnering with Everun to exclusively offer the product across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

He believes that it Is essential that businesses grasp the opportunity offered by this system that is similar to upgrading from a landline to smartphone.

“Across the world it is estimated that almost 50% of electricity is used in electric motors,” he explained. 

“From air conditioning to powering elevators and assembly lines these systems are everywhere.

“The Turntide solution is part of our mission to upgrade as many of the outdated and inefficient motors with our Optimal Motor Systems. They are proven to work and provide substantial reduction on costs, with a return on investment of between 18 months and two years.”

Turntide’s electrical motor is based on the physics of electric generation using magnets and holds more than 100 patents for its intelligence-based system. Its three elements are the motor, the controller and the cloud that optimises every part of the energy produced, and precisely switches the current to the motor 20,000 times per second.

Mr Thompson said that Everun, in conjunction with UK partners Future Motor Limited, have exclusive rights to distribute the Turntide technology across the island of Ireland.

“These new systems can save you from 20 to 60 percent in your energy costs from those that have already installed it so far,” he said. 

“We’ve seen it ourselves but to put that into context plug in the Turntide motor system into your air handling units can save you almost twice the amount of energy that it costs to switch your lights on in a building.”

Mr Thompson added that Everun are confident in the motors as they have been proven in applications that require absolute reliability, fault tolerance and durability, such as nuclear power plants and hospitals.

“We know that it works, we have visited sites where it demonstrates what it can do,” he said.

“Large financial institutions, hospitals and universities are already seeing the savings that can be achieved by installing Turntide’ smart system.

“Amongst other early adopters are companies such as Andras House Group as well as a large number of hospitality, hospitals and manufacturing plants across the UK, who are delighted to see bills go down and make a positive impact on the environment.

“That’s why we are inundated with enquiries already, and why we are offering free consultations to show how this easily installed system can work for you, save money for you and reduce your carbon footprint.

“We at Everun are committed to a renewable future with our experience in windfarm, solar technologies, and Turntide is the latest way we can help you and help the planet.”