Ireland Next Top Artist at the Alley!

Predicting who will make it in the art world isn’t easy, however Tom Climent, the celebrated Cork artist who is currently exhibiting at the Alley Theatre is always one name mentioned by leading Irish art cirtics.

tim 1His growing reputation has spread across Ireland over previous years and Strabane’s Alley Theatre and Art Gallery was delighted when Tom promised to open his new exhibition “Ashlar” at the award winning Alley. This is a major coup for Strabane’s Alley Theatre, which is receiving plaudits from all directions at present for the quality and success of their exhibitions, leading the way in the North West as the premier arts venue for people interested in the arts. His exhibition, entitled “Ashlar”, which runs from January 11th until February 5th, is consistant with his previous exhibitions, winning plaudits and praise wherever it shows.

tim 2Half-Irish, half-Spanish, his influences of Spanish and Italian art (both Baroque and Renaissance) on his stlye is obvious enough, heavily influenced by his chilldhood visits to Spain as a child. His major breakthrough came when he won the prestigious Victor Treacy Award in the late 90’s, from that his career has been rocketing through the art world. “Ashlar is based on the idea of sacred space embodied in the landscape all around us. Fascinating, abstract and dramatic, Tom Climent’s exhibition is not to be missed” commented Nathan Flatman from the Alley Theatre. “The exhibition is free to attend at the Alley, however if you want a sneak preview, check out the new Alley Theatre You Tube Channel at, where patrons can view a short video of his work or visit”

tim 3