Second Sight at the Alley

Sharon Neill
Sharon Neill

One of the best known psychic mediums in Britain, Sharon Neill, will be performing at Strabane’s Alley Theatre on January 29th. With an expected sell out audience expected to see her unique gift, tickets are being sold to patrons from across the North West, keen to see Sharon Neill share her unique gift.

Sharon has an incredible life story, losing her sight at birth, she has overcome tremendous hurdles in her life, which she recounts in her new autobiography, “Second Sight”.

Born 12 weeks early in July 1965, Sharon weighed only 2lb 11oz. Miraculously, and to the amazement of the doctors and her mother, she survived. However Sharon was soon placed in an incubator for six weeks, where her weight plummeted to 2lb 1oz and she suffered a reaction against the oxygen being pumped into the incubator. Unfortunately, the medical profession hadn’t yet understood that premature babies who needed to be given extra oxygen to help their lungs develop should be blind-folded during treatment, because the pure oxygen can be toxic to their immature eyes. As a result, her optic nerves were burnt in the incubator, leaving her permanently blind.

A traditional image is of a clairvoyant looking into her crystal ball – but Sharon ‘sees’ images ‘as if a scene from a film was being projected on to a screen in my mind’. “When I left college, I worked as a receptionist in the health service – using my psychic skills to help colleagues, friends and family – but as my skills improved, I quickly gained a local reputation as a medium. Everything changed in 1995 when I was approached by the BBC, who wanted to make a documentary about my involvement in the psychic world. “A Touch On The Blindside”, and the publicity and overwhelming response from the public it engendered, led me to devote myself full-time to being a medium and to start performing demonstrations in hotels across the country. I went on to appear on ITV’s This Morning, and at the Edinburgh Festival doing psychic readings.”

“When I was asked to participate in an Everyman documentary for the BBC, the film crew arranged for me to do a reading for a couple who refused to tell the director anything about themselves. When the pair were introduced to me, almost immediately a man of 21 or 22 came through, trying to communicate. I told them it was their son, who had passed away very suddenly – at which point the man broke down. I told them their son was saying he was sorry he didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. He went on to talk about the ring his father was wearing, music that was important to him, and say he was a cider drinker.” My purpose these days is to help people understand that life on earth is not the end – and that their loved ones who have passed on are, I believe, still watching over them.”

Tickets to see Sharon Neill at the Alley Theatre are £15 and are available from the Alley Box office on 028 7138 4444 or book online at Patrons are advised tickets are limited and are advised to book as soon as possible.