BT Surprise Screening at QFT

BT and QFT are joining forces to present an exclusive preview screening of a new and exciting film with the BT Surprise Screening from 9pm on Saturday 27 March.

The event is part of BT and QFT’s three year collaboration and will bring together QFT’s history of bringing the best of film to Northern Ireland and BT’s reputation for innovation through communication.

Susan Picken, Head of QFT said: “Our partnership with BT enables us to programme events which will bring excitement, entertainment and surprises to Northern Ireland audiences and the BT Surprise Screening is a key element of this. While the title of the film will remain a closely guarded secret until the credits roll, we will be releasing a series of clues over the coming days, to encourage people to think about, look at and discuss film in new and innovative ways. Watch the streets, the skies, your PC, and listen in to Citybeat to find out more!”

Funded by Arts & Business and supported by Citybeat, the BT Surprise Screening will be a memorable experience for audiences, with a special screening from one of modern cinema’s most exciting, award-winning directors plus pre-film cocktails and live music on offer. Peter Morris, Consumer Director, BT said: “The BT Surprise Screening is a completely unique experience for cinema goers, we’re keeping the name of this sneak preview under wraps and audiences will have to make their best guess from clues released via the web and social networking sites. It’s really a type of digital treasure hunt.

BT is delighted to be working with QFT on this unique idea. Bringing together digital communication and film in an exciting way is something we are passionate about and reflects completely what we’re doing with our own digital TV service, BT Vision, delivering on-demand entertainment in a completely innovative way.” Tickets for the BT Surprise Screening are £10. Find out the first clues and book online at