Market steps back in time to remember forgotten skills

St George’s Market is offering modern shoppers the chance to step back in time and learn some long forgotten skills.

Over the next two months, the market will be hosting a series of demonstrations and workshops on traditional skills which were part of everyday life for our forebearers but have fallen by the wayside in today’s consumerist society.

Organized by the newly formed ‘Friends Of St George’s Market’, as part of their Heritage Lottery Fund supported ‘Market Memories’ project, the programme of activities seeks to bring these old skills back into the modern spotlight.

  The programme begins on Saturday (24 April), with demonstrations of traditional bread and jam making, as well as the art of butter churning.  With the increasing trend towards people growing their own food and ‘urban gardening’, there also will be a lesson in how to plant runner beans.

Future demonstrations include linen weaving (22 May), blacksmithing and forging (29 May, in Murdoch’s Yard in Verner Street, beside the Market), basket-weaving (5 June), urban bee-keeping (12 June) and urban gardening (19 June).

The ‘Market Memories’ project will culminate in a special heritage weekend, from Friday 25 – Sunday 27 June, which will feature further demonstrations and workshops, as well as historical re-enactments, historical tours and more.

For further information on these, and other special events at St George’s Market, visit