Teddy bears, fridges and even beds are among the many things that students bring with them to start university life according to the UK’s largest ferry operator P&O.

The company, which operates the shortest, fastest and most frequent crossings between Ireland and Scotland, and estimates it carries thousands of students on these routes each year, has also reported seeing guitars, surf boards, roller blades and even the odd golf club or two on board during the run up to freshers week.

Among the other items routinely transported on P&O sailings are bikes, TV’s and games consoles and according to the company one student even brought a much loved pet.

Tracy Robb, Marketing Manager for P&O Irish Sea, said: “With the huge array of books, electrical items and other worldly possessions needed at the start of university life travelling by ferry remains one of the most popular choices for transporting loved one’s and their luggage in the run up to first term.

“Starting university and leaving home for the first time can be a scary prospect for many and so having a few well chosen items that remind students of home often brings comfort and security in the first few months of term. P&O takes the hassle out of travelling and because there is no maximum luggage allowance or weight restrictions it means that often Teddy gets to go too!”

According to UCAS over 3,000 students make the journey from Northern Ireland to England and over 1,000 move to Scotland to start university life*.

Tracy continues: “P&O operates 20 sailings per day on its routes between Larne and Troon and Cairnryan, and four sailings per day between Dublin and Liverpool**, and with fares as low as £79 for a car and driver P&O offers parents and students a hassle free journey towards the first days of university life.”

*2009 Annual data sets

**Except Sunday and Monday.

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