NI Sporting Stars Launch Dairy Council’s ‘Milk in Action’ Website

International rugby professional Bryan Young and rising sports star, pro-biker Jacob Dickson, urged young people to ‘Milk it for all it’s Worth’ today as they helped launch a dynamic new website from the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland. is designed to deliver a fun, high impact, digital resource that explains the nutritional qualities of milk in a way that will resonate with the younger generation in Northern Ireland, especially those involved in sport.

The ‘Milk it for all it’s Worth’ site offers an interactive way of learning about the benefits of the nutrients milk provides through its quizzes and games and downloadable video clips. It provides users the chance to upload their own videos as well as the opportunity to win great prizes at its competition section.

Commenting on the new website, rugby star, Bryan Young, said: “My father is a dairy farmer so I know only too well the benefits of drinking milk. I’ve grown up drinking milk and enjoy it first and foremost because of its taste and secondly because I think you can’t beat the stuff for its nutritional value.

“I’d recommend that young sports people or anyone who enjoys being active check out the ‘Milk it for all it’s Worth’ website. It’s a fantastic and fun site where you can get some tips on how to eat healthy so that you can give your best performance, whether you’re into rugby, dance, snowboarding or athletics.”

Twelve year old biker Jacob Dickson from Dromore, added: “This website is seriously cool. It tells you what you need to know about milk in an exciting way.  I always knew that milk was good for me but if I’m honest I didn’t really understand the number of nutrients in milk and their benefits.

“Mountain biking and BMXing can be pretty intense so it’s important that I have the energy to keep going, especially during competitions. The website has helped me understand how the nutrients in milk such as calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and B2, iodine and potassium can help with an active lifestyle”

Visit for yourself to see how a balanced diet can improve your game and to be in with a chance to win some itune vouchers!

The ‘Milk it for all it’s Worth’ website is part of the Dairy Council’s ongoing Milk in Action campaign. The initiative is financed with aid from the European Union.