The Event 2011 – Keynote Speaker Jairek Robbins

Smart, low cost ways to quickly grow and sustain your business in any economy.

Are you ready to be a part of one of the most exciting business days of 2011? If you like to leave business events brimming with energy, feeling totally inspired with a ‘can do’ attitude and a notepad full of incredible ‘how to’ content, then The Event 2011 is exactly right for you and your business.

What is The Event 2011?

Quite simply The Event 2011 will be the most awe inspiring business event of the year, overflowing with no/low cost strategies and techniques that will help you to make more money in your business. It is a world class, multi-speaker event, with two incredible speakers from the USA, as well as dynamic talks from successful business owners closer to home.

In short, this is exactly what the talented entrepreneurs of Northern Ireland have been waiting for: a high energy, uplifting, content-rich event that will really deliver and equip you with the skills, mindset and resources you need to make a difference!

Jairek Robbins

Designing and Living Your Extraordinary Life and Business”

Having Jairek speak at this event is a real coup, an opportunity not to be missed. Focusing on mindset and motivation for business success, he helps people realise their business and personal potential.

After 11 years of studying the personal development industry and testing just about every strategy he could get his hands on (and not to mention 26 years growing up in the industry), Jairek is going to be sharing with you “WHAT WORKS!

At ‘The Event 2011‘ Jairek will show you how to create a specific action plan in living your version of an Extraordinary Quality of Life and Business.

By the end of Jairek’s 90-min power packed talk, you will be inspired from his message and you will also have a real plan of action on how you’re going to go out and turn your dreams into reality!

Jairek is simply amazing!! I’m proud to say that he is my coach and he has inspired me to do far more than I ever believed I was capable of. This an incredible and unmissable opportunity to hear Jairek in Belfast.

Other Speakers on the day:-

Darren Gardiner

“If You Want To Be A Success, Do What Successful People Do”

Darren is an exceptional local success story who travels the world with his company LSFX.

LSFX are one of the UK’s top sound, lighting and AV installation and production companies. They cover the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. They offer a complete turnkey solution for any size or type of installation including: large hotel, large stadium, nightclub, house of worship, educational and leisure venues.

He is also a driving force behind Ground Espresso Bars, Northern Ireland’s very own chain of coffee houses.

Darren knows what it takes to be a success and will be sharing his experience and knowledge during this highly enjoyable, humorous and engaging presentation.

The easiest way to create a winner’s approach is to copy successful people. If you simply listen and apply Darren’s message, you’ll also be well on the way to your own success.

Colin Daymude

“Follow Up Failure is Killing Your Business”

Colin is the Director of Business Development at Infusionsoft, as well as being a highly sought after speaker and marketing expert.

Infusionsoft is the leader in Email Marketing 2.0. They combine powerful CRM software with email marketing and help small to medium businesses grow faster and smarter.

Colin is flying here exclusively for ‘The Event 2011‘ from the USA. This is a “one-off” opportunity to learn marketing and sales strategies from such an incredibly talented world class expert on business marketing.

Colin is going to share with you the latest leading edge concepts in marketing and sales strategies that are critical for success in this economy.

This is going to be an amazing presentation from a global authority, that will provide you with easy to use strategies and techniques exclusively for SME business growth. This is a presentation that is a must attend – put simply, you will discover how to make more money!

Zoe Cairns  – “Why Businesses Should Be Using Social Media”

Zoe is known as the “Queen of Social Media” and will show you how to market your business online and generate free traffic.

Many business owners are already using social media sites to promote their business but very few know how to maximise the effectiveness of them.

Zoe will demonstrate how to fully exploit the capabilities of these forums. In other words, you will learn invaluable methods of promoting your business and generating sales at no cost.

She will show you automation tools, twitter tools and lots of different strategies, tips and techniques on how you can create your presence online and build your brand awareness on the internet.

Zoe has many ways in which she will show you how to drive more traffic to your websites and blogs!!!!

Based in England, this speaker is in constant demand for her knowledge, at a range of top business events.

The largest businesses in the world are now utilising social media to create brand awareness, customer loyalty and gain sales. This is your opportunity to learn the secrets they are using so you too can make money from social media.

Simon Smith “Networking and Referrals Are The Lifeline to Success”

Simon is a seriously professional networker, and as the Managing Area Director for BNI (Business Networking International) in Northern Ireland, helps business owners become experts in word-of-mouth marketing.

Simon is incredibly successful at teaching business owners how to network and create referral business.

During his presentation he will discuss the importance and benefits of effective business networking, including: the value of referrals; the opportunities created by establishing rapport with other business owners and service providers, and the advantages of extending one’s business profile in their local area.

Simon is also going to be adding a unique twist on networking during his presentation.

This unique twist will be great fun, you will make great connections and you will have the opportunity of winning a fantastic prize!!

Great networkers make great leaders because they have unlocked the potential of networking in their busy lives. They have created simple systems that enable them to connect with others, stay connected and create valuable lifetime connections with key players, spheres of influence and other master networkers. You too can begin to gain these valuable skills during Simon’s powerful presentation.

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