For a band who has opened for some of the most commendable acts on the planet and who have graced some of the most prestigious festival stages that young bands can only dream of, Ed Zealous have been very quiet as of late. Truth is, the band have been getting down to business and masterminding their long overdue debut album. Ed Zealous made a collective decision seven months ago to stop gigging and concentrate on the most important asset a band require; songs.

This August the band will be working with the Winner of this year’s MPG Breakthrough Producer of The Year award – Eliot James. You will know him from his work with Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album “ Tourist History” along with the likes of Bloc Party, Does it Offend You Yeah?, Noah and the Whale and Kaiser Chiefs. There are no dates as of yet for an album release but expect a single release in early Autumn followed by an extensive U.K tour.

Word on the street is that the EZ demos are complex but utterly danceable, like a fine blend of Bowie & Justice.

“We worked with a lot of great producers across the U.K but in the back of our minds we knew Eliot was really the only guy for the job. We’ve been fanatical about these songs and now that Eliot is on board it feels like the final piece of the puzzle is in place” Stephen McAvoy Ed Zealous