‘It’s an honour to headline Glasgowbury’

With Eagles Rock ready to be shook to its very foundations this weekend, headliners Cashier No 9 are primed and ready to roll and have described the honour they felt at being chosen to bring this year’s event to a close.

To The Death Of Fun, their absolutely cracking debut album, has seen the light of day to widespread acclaim and they cap the summer off in style by taking headlining duties atop the Small But Massive Main Stage at Glasgowbury 2011.

“We’re busy rehearsing this week,” said drummer Phil Duffy.

“Normally we’re used to playing 30 minute sets so we’re getting prepared for an hour long slot, we’re having to dust off a few of the old ones.

“They’ll all be getting a run out including When Jackie Shone and 42 West Avenue, it’s going to be an hour full of hits.”

While the debut steered away from the inclusion of the two above mentioned stand outs, it managed to create a legend all of its own from start to finish, much like Cashier No 9 have been doing over the years.

“Myself and Danny (Todd) first played the festival back in 2002 so we’ve been around for a large part of it and slowly but surely we’ve been climbing up the bill over the years.

“But it’s an absolute honour among all of us to be considered as headliners of Glasgowbury this year, we can’t wait, it’s going to be something special.”

So while the immediate future sees the band play their biggest headline show to date, the best is still yet to come if the now 6 piece have anything to say about it.

After a summer full of debauchery sees them tour the length and breadth of Ireland and the UK, they’ll look as far away as Australia for their next stab at domination; a country where Goldstar is already play-listed on major radio.

And then of course there’s the follow-up opus to be considered.

“Danny’s already started work on the next one but we’re really concentrating on working this one and giving it time to breathe first.”

No doubt they’ll find plenty of room for it on the side of Eagles Rock this Saturday night.