Beware! Ruthless Romans and Awful Egyptians are storming The Grand Opera House!

Birmingham Stage Company’s productions of Horrible Histories – Ruthless Romans and Awful Egyptians are currently on an invasion tour and will arrive at The Grand Opera House on, Tuesday 20 September until Saturday 24 September. Real Life actors and amazing Bogglevision 3D effects, help the audience to experience life in Roman Times or Ancient Egypt.

Families must not miss out on this awful chance to travel back in time. Treat your whole family to a great show – both funny and historically informative and discover all the really ‘yucky’ bits of history that teachers and serious books never tell you!

The shows can be enjoyed by everyone from 5 to 105, but don’t forget your Mummy!

These two shows are adapted from Terry Deary’s best selling Horrible Histories books which are currently in its second series on BBC TV.

In Ruthless Romans you’ll find out how the Romans made murder into a sport in the Colosseum with more fouls than a Premiership football match! You’ll see eight evil emperors, killer kings, gory gladiators and grim ghouls! With incredible Bogglevision effects you’ll feel what it was really like to be a Roman soldier. See him fighting in the greatest army ever seen, witnessing fierce battles against hordes of grotty Celts – but watch out for those flaming arrows whizzing straight for your head!

In Awful Egyptians you’ll learn the truth of Tutankhamun and his creepy curse and find out the fearsome facts about phabulous pharaohs, mean mummies and gruesome grave robbers. You’ll see how the Egyptians really lived 5000 years ago – how dead bodies were turned into mummies and how the huge pyramids were built.  Dare you enter through the Gates of the Afterlife? Beware the Evil Eye of Horus – has it got its eye on you?

Birmingham Stage Company are well known for their great stage versions of children’s classics many such as The Jungle Book, Tom’s Midnight Garden, Kensuke’s Kingdom and many Roald Dahl adaptations including Danny the Champion of the World and most recently George’s Marvellous Medicine have played at the Grand Opera House .

Horrible Histories Rotten Romadn and Awful Egyptians is on at the Grand Opera House from Tuesday 20 until Saturday 24 September. All shows cost £15.00 with special discounts if tickets for both shows are purchased. Contact the box office on 028 9024 1919, online at or visit the ticket desk in the Theatre foyer.