Monday 17th October: After three days of high-spirited competition and legendary parties on The Captain’s Island, the event reached a fitting finale as buccaneering crews from Costa Rica, Czech Republic and USA agreed to share Captain Morgan’s bounty, walking away from The Island with a doubled prize pot. Instead of one team winning the full $15,000 bounty available, the three teams decided to share the prize and because of this display of Captain-like camaraderie, Captain Morgan increased the prize to $30,000.  Actress Mena Suvari, reporting from The Captain’s Island throughout, was on-hand to award the prize to the victorious three teams.

Teams from 13 different countries battled it out in a series of challenges developed to test their Captain-like traits over the course of the three day adventure in the Caribbean.  The Leadership Challenge on Day One, won by the team from USA, involved a beach-based assault course which tested team-working and of course, leadership.  Day One also saw an historic Determination Challenge where teams had to hold the Captain’s Pose for as long as possible. The team from the Czech Republic narrowly beat the UK team in a final that lasted a grueling 42 minutes – setting a new world record!

Day Two started early for all crews involved, with Captain Morgan and his Morganettes waking guests on his Island before sunrise to undertake a devilishly difficult giant puzzle. The Czech team won their second chest of The Captain’s Island by completing this Clever Thinking Challenge in the quickest time.

The afternoon witnessed crews showing what they’re made of in the Bravado Challenge. Teams leapt from Captain Morgan’s ship before racing to find an underwater key which unlocked a padlock the teams had to locate in a tank filled with unspeakably slimy things. From there the teams raced to one of the Captain’s chests to attach the padlocks. In a tightly fought contest, the Costa Ricans managed to finish the course in the quickest possible time.

The last day on The Captain’s Island saw a momentous battle for the fifth chest – and final chance to win The Captain’s Bounty – in the Camaraderie Challenge. After a morning where crews created their finest sea-worthy rafts, the race was on to complete a course with all three members on the raft and return to the beach with their vessel still intact. The USA team was the eventual winners beating closest rivals the Czech’s, who were on the hunt for a third chest, by 20 seconds.

Captain Morgan commented: “Wow, what an incredible three days on my Island. I knew competition from the 13 countries taking part was going to be fierce but I was amazed by the shows of camaraderie throughout. There was a lot at stake – a $15,000 bounty should not be taken lightly – but to see those guys from Czech Republic, USA and Costa Rica decide to share the winnings was awesome. It made me proud and I’d invite them to join my crew any day.”

Ireland Captain, Ross McDonald, from Belfast, was overjoyed by the experience: “We have had an amazing few days on the island with Captain Morgan and Mena Suvari! The challenges have been… interesting! The others teams were fantastic and the guys from Czech Republic, USA and Costa Rica deserved the cash prize.”

The Captain’s Island may be over for this year, but the spirit of Captain Morgan lives on. For more pictures, commentary and videos of The Captain’s Island, visit the Captain at

The Captain’s Island contest is only open to 18 years olds and older.

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