– Titanic to be showcased in unforgettable audiovisual experience –

A cutting edge digital projection show is coming to The Slipways in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and the experience will be available for people to watch online at

tiAs part of the Titanic Belfast Festival 2012 and the ni2012 celebrations, the event will showcase the new iconic Titanic Belfast visitor attraction.  NITB and Belfast City Council have teamed up with video production company Geocast TV to make sure that even those people who didn’t get a ticket for the event can watch the whole performance unfold live.

Taking place on April 7, the ‘Titanic projection show’, produced by Culture Creative and designed and creatively directed by,  will use 3D motion graphics, synchronised pyrotechnics and bespoke sound design – all inspired by the RMS Titanic – to create an unforgettable 40 minute audiovisual performance to celebrate Belfast’s culture, heritage and bright future.

Lord Mayor of Belfast Mayor, Councillor Niall Ó Donnghaile, said:  “This is another example of how Belfast City Council is taking the lead in hosting world class events – and this is just one part of the exciting Titanic Belfast  Festival 2012.

“Our city is the focus of world attention and as First Citizen I am proud of all that we have to offer visitors and locals.  I would encourage everyone to enjoy the many activities that will be on offer from this weekend”.

NITB’s Destination PR and Marketing Manager Ruth Burns says the event is a unique experience for Northern Ireland.

“The Titanic projection show will kick-start an exciting, jam-packed calendar of celebrations, festivals and commemorations that will be taking place throughout Northern Ireland during 2012,” said Ruth.

“It is set to be one of the most challenging projection shows that has ever been attempted and will be a truly spectacular experience for everyone involved.  Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get a ticket to the show as it will also be fantastic to watch the whole experience live online.

“The show will capture the spirit of optimism for the city of Belfast and promises to be an impressive and unforgettable experience.  There will be no better way to showcase the new Titanic Belfast building and I would encourage everyone to be part of the celebrations,” she added.

Richard Day from Geocast TV says they are looking forward to bringing the event to a worldwide audience.

“The Titanic projection show is shaping up to be a spectacular event and we’re delighted to broadcast it live online in a multitude of countries.  Everybody can get involved and watch the show in real-time on their home computers, laptops and even their mobile phones,” Richard said.

“There will also be another opportunity to watch the event again the next morning,” Richard added.


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