Ulster’s Strongest Men go head to head for the coveted Culcullen Warrior Prince Trophy!

A total of 16 competitors have qualified to compete in the Ulster Strongest Man Competition to be held in Cookstown on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May from 12 noon to 5pm.

The event, organised by Cookstown District Council and sponsored by Signworks is set to be a thrilling spectacle with competitors going head to head in six spectacular challenges.

The Ulster’s Strongest Man event is only one part of the fun filled day. Children will be entertained on the main street with an array of activities from kiddie’s amusement rides, free magic shows, balloon modeling and face painters.  In addition to last year’s set up, Grandstand tiered seating will be located on both sides of the arena.   

The Challenges 2012

1: Earth Mover – Tyre Super Yoke

A two laned event with a huge 850lbs structure being carried on each competitors shoulder over a set course of 20 metres. A Jurassic earth stumping event to start of the competition.  Fastest time or distance taken wins.

2: St Patrick’s Trail Carry

A huge Celtic Cross weighing in excess of 200kg will be picked up in the arms of the competitor and carried for a far as possible up a 20 metre set course.  A real lung busting event were not only strength but fitness is the key. Furthest distance wins.

3: The Apollo Axle Wheel Deadlift

This is the most famous weightlifting axle in the world, with a thick 2 inch bar making it difficult to hold.  Louis Cyr, the famous French Canadian Circus Performer lifted this mighty axle above his head.  In our competition it will be a deadlift from the ground.  This not only involves back strength but also pinch grip to lift the bar.  Maximum lift wins.

4: The Hercules Hold

This is one of the most painful strongman tests.  A competitor must lift a car on a frame off the ground for as long as possible.  Pain and guts are part of this event, the strongest grip around will be the winner.

5: Beaghmore Atlas Stone Lift

Five stones weighing from 85kg to a massive 145kg will be lifted onto a wall of varied heights.  This will be the toughest of all the strength events.  Stone lifting is the oldest strength test known to strongman, an overall body challenge.

6: The Olympic Strongman Medley

Competitors will go head to head in this event were a series of block lifts and presses need to be completed.  Competitors will first lift a 110kg axle push above their heads.  They will then pull a 200kg block on to an 18” platform.   Competitors will move on the second platform and push a 64kg dumbbell above their heads and then pull a 225kg block onto an 18” high platform.  The final task of the grueling challenge will be to lift a 130kg log and push it above their head and then lift a massive 250kg block onto the 18”platform.  Fastest time wins.

This is the finale event of 6 grueling events and it will test every sinew of the competitors body, only the strong will survive and the weak will falter.  The strongest will be crowned Ulster’s Strongest Man 2012 and receive the coveted Culcullen Warrior Prince Trophy. For more information contact Cookstown TIC on 028 86769949  or log onto our facebook page www.facebook.com/visitcookstown