Comedy Night in Bangor Owen O’Neill at the Abbey!

Sheep strangling, erotic love poetry, dancing with Mick Jagger. Stories so hilarious they could only be ripped from the pages of Owen O’Neill’s life….

Northern Ireland’s own Owen O’Neill has established himself as a comedian, writer, actor and stand-up performer worldwide. This year we welcome him to the comedy line up at Aspects where he will perform his comedy and poetry set ‘Volcano Dancing’ on Friday 28 September 2012 at 9.00pm. Tickets cost £11 (£9 concession).

Most of Owen’s material is drawn from his own life – anecdotes, many of which might only be considered mildly amusing if, for example, they happened to you. However, in Owen’s hands the simplest of story builds and builds to a hilarious crescendo due to his honesty, perceptive observations and storytelling skill. To quote The Scotsman; ‘To call what he does ‘stand-up’ doesn’t do him justice. This is genuine comedy from the gut, a true original.’

But poetry and comedy, though? The word poetry is a scary word for some people; they see a man in a tweed suit droning on about the sea and lost love. However in Owen’s show Volcano Dancing he will hit you in the face with it, he’ll break your heart with it and he’ll make you laugh with it.

His poetry has been described by the Glasgow Herald as “explosive and tender.” The Independent said he had “the comic turn of phrase of Roddy Doyle and the darkness of Patrick McCabe.” His Grandmother said he shouldn’t use so many bad words and should go back to church – you can’t please everyone.

In Volcano Dancing he will also tell some true stories about himself and his family that will have you on the edge of your seat. Mick Jagger might make an appearance, but maybe against his will, and Owen may even tell you about the time he was interrogated by an IRA man with a stammer.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see this powerful comic and poet tell stories of a life still being lived and written about – get your tickets while you still can!

Tickets are available from the festival Box Office at North Down Museum (028 9127 1200) and from Bangor Tourist Information Office (028 9127 0069).