Doodle Cook: A Female-Led Belfast Company Goes Global

The Belfast invention Doodle Bread, launched in 2008 by young designer Rose Kane with the backing of major investor Esynergy, has received the go-ahead to launch as a major brand for Christmas 2012.

An online shop with its offices based in the regenerating and startup-friendly Twin Spires area of West Belfast, Doodle Cook is already a trending gift vendor for the Christmas season.

Set to become an online leader in kids cooking products and education, Doodle Cook has arrived at the right time and place. The company capitalises on the influence of a growing digital economy as well as a regional love for the tradition of cooking and baking.

A Forward-Thinking Outfit

The website carries a range of children’s products, perfect for the coming winter months that will drive kids and adults indoors.

The company blog is full of text and video tutorials, contests to win free products, printable educational materials for kids, helpful cooking tips, and posts on topics such “Why You Should Get Your Kids Cooking!”

The Doodle Cook company culture is one of play, invention and inclusiveness. “Cooking is a great way to learn creatively and to spend time with your family,” says founder Rose. “It’s a rewarding activity for everyone, not just women and mothers.” Most of the products are purposely gender-neutral.

Arriving at the Right Moment

Dreamed up by Rose, Doodle Cook is now driven by three creative women—a product designer, an interface designer, and a stand-up comedienne—who share her passion for “edu-tainment.”

“This is the right sort of company to launch in Belfast right now,” according to Doodle Cook’s Interactive Media and PR Manager Danielle Barrios-O’Neill. “We are positioned to capture both the global online social media market, and the family-focused market of Ireland and the UK.”

Currently Doodle Cook products are carried by House of Fraser, Moore’s and Beale’s, with agreements pending for trials in John Lewis and Selfridge’s stores in the Spring.

For current contests, product specials and to see the range of Doodle Cook products, you can visit their website at and follow the team on Facebook and Twitter (@DoodleCooks).

We’re always happy to provide more information through e-mail or interview. Press and online media queries should be directed to Danielle Barrios-O’Neill at