Great News from Thana at Whoosh!

Hello Thai food lovers!

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After 4 great years of event catering, hard work, blood, sweat and tears – we are delighted to present the new addition to our services, the Whoosh Thai & Vietnamese Street Food CafĂ©!

What is Street Food about?
[street food] is simply ready-to-eat, hot and cold, fast, fresh and deliciously healthy food – ours is served in a comfy casual and relaxed setting.

Our dishes are prepared with quality ingredients and served fresh on the day. At Whoosh, we are obsessive about food and always use the freshest ingredients available. Our menu is small yet varied, providing an element of surprise for our customers as new dishes are introduced on a regular basis.

Sourcing local quality meats, fish and vegetables are essential to us to produce good food. Our dishes are bursting with flavours and colours but contain no MSG, no additives and no preservatives – most of them can also be prepared to suit vegetarian and gluten-free diets. Our key ingredients: love, passion and respect for food. We simply love what we do and do what we love.

In the Southeast Asian culture, eating isn’t just about food but it is also about taking time to appreciate the little things in life and to share our stories, experiences or ups and downs with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues… This is the reason why at Whoosh we love meeting new faces, making new friends and learning from others. So, we never eat alone!

So, if you fancy a quick bite, lunch or a catch-up with friends… sit-in or take -out, eat Whoosh! Eat together!

When? Opening date: 4th February 2013
Opening hours: 11:30am to 5:30pm (Mon to Sat)
Contact us: DM us on FB or email info@

Where are we? Bellhouse Lane, Coleraine Town Centre (between First Trust Bank and Next), nearest car park: Mall Car Park.