Nigel Grainge, the man that discovered Thin Lizzy, Sinead O’Connor and the Boomtown Rats to name a few, is making his way to Derry from Los Angeles as a guest of his co-A&R, local man Patrick Cutliffe.

Phil Lynott Record Signing Chicago 1978

He hopes to leave Northern Ireland/Derry with at least one artist he can intro to a major label or publishing deal. Nigel is connected to major labels and publishers throughout the US and UK and has a vast network in the music industry. He can, and will, make things happen if he discovers the right act/s.

There’s also word on the street that Nigel’s nephew Nicky Shymansky (Amy Winehouse, La Roux) of Island Records may make the trip from London.
If you think this is the best thing since Thin Lizzy, we will host live scouting sessions in Derry City most likely all day, Tuesday 2nd July, whereby select independent artists and bands will be asked to come along and perform. Keep that date free. Auditions will be held in The Nerve Centre, Derry, which is a fantastic venue and organisation who continuously promote and help Independent musicians.
Interested? Foaming at the mouth? Ecstatic?
If you would like to be considered for an audition, follow these instructions carefully:
1. Register your email address in the Dropbox here, http://www.choorpy.com
2. Compose and send an email to musicscout@choorpy.com, with the following information:
• Personal name
• Act name
• Genre
• Phone number
• Contact email address
• One link to your most popular song (recording accepted but live performance recordings are desirable)
Note: Do not send any more or less than the requested information.


Patrick has been working as Artist & Repertoire (A&R) alongside Nigel, www.nigelgrainge.com, for 4 years discovering music talent worldwide and bringing artists to the attention of major record labels. In the summer of 2010, in Los Angeles, Patrick sat in on an A&R panel with Bob Geldof, Nigel Grainge (Thin Lizzy, Boomtown Rats), Rupert Hine (Tina Turner, Underworld), Damion Damizza Young (Snoop Dog, Mariah Carey) and Conor McNicholas (Ex NME Editor).

Patrick’s dream and passion has always been to help independent artists worldwide to monetise their business and get the recognition they deserve. He set up his own company Artists Live Limited in August 2012 to exploit the use of emerging online technologies, for the promotion of original independent musicians to showcase their wares and make a living.

The company’s key platform, CHOORPY.com is a unique, global, music-discovery, digital content web platform, where event organisers, musicians and music fans come together and do business. In terms of its market positioning, it’s akin to a combination of Airbnb.com for Event organisers and Elance.com for musicians. CHOORPY will launch in Ireland, in the fourth quarter of 2013. Watch this space.

Nigel says, “Nearly all the great things in my career have come from Ireland. I have no idea how that happened, but starting with Thin Lizzy, The Boomtown Rats, Sinead O’Connor, and even Mike Scott and his Irish connection have led to great things. I haven’t been back since those days and feel that an opportunity to see a bunch of raw but carefully pre-selected talent may well uncover a potential gem or two. My talent has always been to follow my hunch and if I unearth a gem or two I have enough really good connections out there to help make things happen!”

Patrick says, “Now that I’ve got the attention of world class A&R, I foresee great things happening for local artists. We now have the appropriate channels in place and the global network that has always been lacking here on the ground. I hope and plan to build on this and showcase the outstanding music talent and culture that we have here in Ireland.”

In March 2013, Patrick started an online ‘Independent music revolution’ with Choorpy and it’s taking off like a helium balloon:

• Independent musicians promoting independent music, only,  http://www.facebook.com/choorpy

• Connected to A&R scouts worldwide

• Choorpy Blog is reaching 35+ countries worldwide in just over 2 months –


• Facebook posts reached 2.5 million people within 1 week – http://goo.gl/bgpvM

Good Luck! We will be in contact with the artists who make it through to audition with further information.

Patrick Cutliffe



If you would like further information about this subject, or would like to schedule an interview with Nigel Grainge, please contact Patrick Cutliffe at, information@choorpy.com