Piece By Piece – A Patchwork Story

Learn to create your own family heirloom patchwork quilt – free with Valerie Eames.

Patchwork quilting goes far beyond the best way to upcycle old clothes past their best. It’s a craft that requires precision, skill and flair, a social and community pastime, passed down through the generations, from grandmother to mother. As well as being colourful and keeping families warm in the depths of winter, some quilts tell stories, others are a kaleidoscopic celebration of colour and design. With names like Flying Geese, Log Cabin, Pieced Start and Dutchman’s Puzzle, each one is a triumph of the craft and the product of both exceptional skill and people working together.

A founder member of the Quilters’ Guild of Ireland, Valerie Eames is passionate about patchwork and passing on those skills as still enjoyable and relevant in today’s world. Valerie’s patchwork workshops are engaging and will inspire you to create some family heirlooms of your own.

Beginning with a guided tour of Valerie’s work, which includes incredible examples of American Civil War, Traditional and Contemporary quilts, you’ll then be shown how to embark on your own quilting project.

You’ll find Valarie Eames and Piece by Piece, at the Presbyterian Hall, Queen Elizabeth Road, Enniskillen, from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th October, from 10am to 5pm each day.

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Beavers’ Feathered Star Quilt

This quilt was inspired by a family heirloom – the maker and date unknown. It probably originated in North Carolina during the American Civil War. The name Feathered Star comes from the small dark and light bias cut squares that edge each star. The lighter coloured fabric has been tea dyed to give it a more aged appearance.