Seed sharing and plant swapping is at the core of the new exhibition, ‘Dispersal’, by artist Alice Clark, which will be on display in The Market Place Theatre’s Main Gallery over the coming weeks.

Alice intends to have an interactive event based round a greenhouse in the gallery whereby the audience is invited to bring seeds to the gallery and share stories of how they have nurtured them, where they came from and what they mean to them. These stories will be documented and mapped using elements of sound recording, photography and drawing. Over the course of the show the visual elements will change as more seeds, and the backgrounds to them, are added.

Alice Clark will be present from 1-4pm on Thursdays for the duration of the show Dispersal to continue the collection and exchange of seeds from the audience. The process is two way and audience participation is needed and very welcome. All transactions are free.

Continuing the outdoor theme, artist Sue Morris will bring her exhibition, ‘Up The Garden Path’ to the Theatre Foyer. Sue returns to the motif of the garden to explore notions of private and public space and the fractal nature of time. The installation consists of a series of mixed media works, including drawings, photographs and photomontages, supported by a sound piece with three elements – birdsong, the human voice and an electronic wall clock.

Both exhibitions will be on display from Friday 28th March until Saturday 26th April. Admission to both exhibitions is free. For further enquiries, please contact the Box Office on [028] 3752 1821.

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