A Steampulp Fantasy Original

Northern Ireland based Creative studio to release new, Steampulp Fantasy graphic novel.

Derry-Londonderry based media studio Uproar Comics, the company that brought you the awards winning “Zombies Hi”, are working on a new project, Condundrum.

Conundrum is a Steampulp Fantasy filled with mystery and suspense that will make you question- “Who is God”?

Here is a brief synopsis of the upcoming graphic novel:

Wonders and Curiosities are the height of entertainment and fashion before the turn of the 20th century where a great man, Professor Wilde, debuts Wildes’ Wondrous World’s Fair to the public with great acclaim. With new technological, cultural, and natural discoveries available to everyone, the world’s advancement exceeded expectations in all forms. With the greatest minds working on new and greater concepts, the world has become a fascinating place. With high-powered Steam and the young electricity, no one ever thought we would need anything else. Over the next few decades there were no wars and all nations were working together for the prosperity of all. Then, after only weeks, an experimental atomic power station exploded with a thundering fire. No one could have survived it- and yet one man walked from the blazing fires unharmed. Some of the people believed him to be a God on Earth, an Übermensch, and he becomes widely revered when he exhibits strange supernatural abilities. No one could have anticipated this- except an elusive killer dubbed Zener, a mysterious stranger hell-bent on murdering anyone who stands in his way.

But why?

The live preview of Conundrum can now be seen HERE

Trailer for comic available HERE

Conundrum is set for release in Autumn 2014