Fancy a good laugh? Spirits are running high at Tubby’s Farm where the organisers of Sunflowerfest, Northern Ireland’s leading music and arts festival have been confirmed as Guinness World Record Title Holder for ‘largest laughter yoga class’.

Laughter yoga, yes you read that correctly – a whole bunch of people got together for a massive giggle in the blazing sunshine last August at Sunflowerfest, and now the clipboard-toting experts at Guinness World Record ltd have solemnly decided that this was officially the biggest group of laughing yoga participants in the entire history of the world – ever!

This may sound a bit light-hearted – it is meant to be – but it’s quite serious really. The unusual event was inspired by Jackie Ingram a Laughter Yoga Teacher who sadly passed away after a battle with cancer 2 years ago and by Sunflowerfest regular Linda Quigley, whose 6 year old daughter Joy is currently in remission from blood cancer. Linda and the organisers wished to raise public awareness and support for the charity Delete Blood Cancer and to pay tribute to Joy’s courage, and to others who’ve found comfort and healing at this lovely festival which transforms attitudes and feelings in a positive way.

Festival goers turned out in droves on the Sunday morning to support the World Record attempt, needing 250 to surpass the previous record, beating it with a whopping 398 confirmed adults laughing yoga-style in front of the main stage. We are thrilled to inform you that your application for largest laughter yoga class has been successful and you are now the Guinness World Record Title Holder” Guinness World Records Ltd.

Sunflowerfest co-organiser Vanessa Magowan said, “We hoped the World Record attempt would raise much needed awareness for Delete Blood Cancer and that our supporters will now register with the charity. In order to achieve this we had great help from the founder of the Lighthouse Centre Siobhan Bogues, and of course Kathy Barenskie and Michelle Major, our Laughter Yoga instructors who lead the crowd 400 plus crowd, in 30 minutes of blissful daftness to help us achieve the world record!”

Linda Quigley said: “Joy and I were overwhelmed at the support on the day, and to stand on that stage and see 400 people laughing together for half an hour was just spectacular! I would like to thank Michael and Vanessa; they have a dream, and are doing something about it. There is no capital profit to be gained from their festival, only enrichment of self-beliefs, and my experience with them has been the most reaffirming, spiritually lifting and strength-giving of my years”.

Sunflowerfest has built a reputation for being one of the friendliest and most inclusive festivals in Northern Ireland and 2015 will include performances, attractions and experiences to be enjoyed by all ages and backgrounds.  Taking place on Tubby’s Farm, Hillsborough, from 31st July to 2nd August 2015, this year’s festival will deliver the unique musical acts, child-friendly activities, local crafts, alternative therapies, theatrical performances, camping and a number of new elements to the weekend to ensure big surprises for all guests. For further information visit www.sunflowerfest.co.uk